Half Moon Bay, California November 2012

Saturday, April 2, 2011

The great outdoors

okay, maybe it wasn't such a "great" idea to go out in the blazing heat!  I know, I know... I am such a whiner!  Too cold, too wet, too rainy and now.. too hot!  I am just never happy...

But really, I think I need to gradually adjust to this weather!  It was really hot today!  Regardless, the boys and I needed to get out!  We spent the morning at home (so I can get some editing done) playing with Legos.  We had a great lesson on symmetry though...  See below: (and then move down to see what we did after leaving the house!)
So we were working on building a battle ship... then MD noticed that I was using the same Lego pieces and colors for each side of the battle ship:

MD and E noticed that when I made the space ships, that I was making them the same on both side... so a lesson on symmetry took place.  
E loved that he could cut and use glue!

Every opportunity I get to teach a lesson!  :)  Those teachable moments are so important to us!  And there you have it!
MD wanted to go out for a hike - because he loves being the leader when we hike.  Heck, he can't go too far off course, why not let him, right?!  Right!!!
Remember that place we visited where we hiked up that tall hill and then MD led us through tall bushes and under branches, etc., etc.,?  Well, look what the rain did!  Isn't the hill beautiful???!
A month ago  (see the difference?  Wow, right?!)
So there they go...
They stopped to battle... yes, of course, they left the house with their light sabers.  Don't all boys do that?  Oh... maybe just mine?  Hmmm....
They planned the battle during the drive here...
They had a blast!!!
Then they climbed some boulders:
And made funny faces:
And we headed off to pick up MG from her play date with her classmate from school.
We were so hot!!!  But it was so much fun!  we love this place...  and we will be back!  Have a great weekend!

This weekend we are doing a few things to support Japan:

3) making fleece blankets which will be sent to Japan via  Project Linus.

More pictures to come!

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