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Monday, April 11, 2011

Dinosaur dig... and ice skating

The two are not really "related" per say, but they took place the same evening!  :)

Corinna came over with some wonderful things to share with the children.  She and husband Dave went on a dig a month ago and she saved a few pieces for the children.  How wonderful is she?!

Some explanations were required:
 Then gears and tools were passed out:
 Some diagrams were left out to compare and contrast:
 Examining the diagrams:
 Then off to work!
 Hard at work:
 Some details:
 These picks were a big hit -- they used them to get a closer look at some hidden fossils:
 They worked on this big fossil together:  In the end, they were able to find a few small (very tiny) shark teeth.  Then Corinna showed them a few more larger shark teeth that they were able to help clean up and bring home!  They have been mounted and will be hung in their room soon.
 Then MG had to quickly eat dinner.  We had brontosaurus burgers.  (Of course!).  Then she was off to a birthday party... 7:00 at night!  Kind of young for a 7 year old... but alas, I cannot complain too much.  She loves her friends!
That's MG with Hannah and Raquel
 Then birthday girl, Brooklyn stepped in the front.  Don't know who that other cutie is - I think she's Brooklyn's cousin!
 Group photo before I went home to put boys to bed.  Hannah's mom agreed to take the pick up shift if I dropped off.  She did not get home until a little after 10:30 that evening!  Yikes!!!
But what a wonderful day/evening!

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