Half Moon Bay, California November 2012

Sunday, January 22, 2012

A review of LAST week!

Sometimes when I think things are slowing down,  it turns out I am wrong... Last week was a busy week.  But what did we do?!  I felt like we were everywhere!

Swim lessons are on again!  In this first picture, if you look VERY close, you can see all 3!  :)  E is the far left with his teacher.  MG and MD are swimming in one lane.  Actually, if you look even closer, MG is staring at E!  :)

 Here are MG and MD:
 And E came swimming by with teacher, Nikki:
 He's doing so well!
Thursday MD gave us another little "recital."  He's been working ion the Harry Potter theme song.  His teacher Karen is so patient with him!  :)
A quick trip to Target on Friday night to purchase a birthday gift for MG's friend's party this coming Friday turned out to be a huge score for MD!  In the Dollar section, he found a set of test tubes.  What in the world can a boy do with a set of test tubes?!  SO much!
 He mixed:
 He dabbled with different "chemicals"
 And he had so much fun watching the chemical reactions.  He used water, food coloring, baking soda,  and vinegar.  He asked for more ingredients... we may need to invest in a good set of lab goggles! ;)

Saturday morning was a busy one... but we managed gto wake up early enough to make breakfast together.  Thanks for your help, E.  we made pancakes, sauage links, and has browns from the previous night's left over potatoes.  YUM!
Sunday was another busy day -- but it was fun!  We celebrated Chinese New Year!!!!
 They love burning joss paper --eventhough it still scares them to be so close to an open flame!
 Well, maybe MD is not as terrified as the other two! ;)
 They are so cute wearing new shirts from their aunt in Cambodia! :)
 ROARRRRR -- there is a lion on his shirt so he is pretending to roar like the lion!  (scary! ;))
Happy Chinese New Year!!!!!  I will be volunteering in MG and MD's class tomorrow to teach the class a little about Chinese New Year.  I hope to find some time to take a few pictures to share.   Have a great week!!!!

Thursday, January 12, 2012


Just keeping it simple....

After dropping off MG at school, the boys and I went on a short bike trail.  MD rode his bike, while I pushed E in the stroller.  MD rode in front and led the way -- he was awesome!  We were on the trail for about an hour.  Then it was park time (it's Thursday, you know...).

MD makes me nervous when he does this!!!
 Then MD went off to school and E and I went to storytime with Ms. Karen:
 Then home for lunch... no, we didn't have dinosaurs for lunch -- but the dinosaurs entertained E while I made lunch!
 ROARRRRRRR!!!!!  (Do you like his 3 headed dinosaur?!  Just ignore the other 2 bodies... they are not supposed to be there! hahaha)
 Sneaking up on the dinosaur... the 3 headed one is a mean one -- and there is a dinosaur hiding... he has wings!  (all this created after I showed him a short Godzilla YouTube clip!)
Tomorrow is Friday -- WooHoo!!!!!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A new skill

He is learning very quickly by always observing and then trying over and over again...
It surely paid off!  Look what he can do now!

 WooHoo!!!!  (check out that smile on his face!!!)

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Happy Birthday Uncle Matt!!!!

It's funny that it was Uncle Matt's birthday but the children had the best treat of all.. homemade pretzels!!!
Getting the dough:
 Forming the pretzels:
 They always make some "interesting" pretzel shapes!  MD made a dumpling one!
 Then they learned to make some braided ones:
 Uncle Matt giving a lesson:
 E gives it a try:
 The first batch is out!!!!
 Getting the second batch in:
 Add butter then salt:
 The moment they were waiting so long for.... the final test!!!!
 trust me.. they approved...
 The room was quiet!!!
Uncle Matt, thank you for helping us make the best birthday pretzels EVER!!!!  Happy Birthday!  We look forward to spending Friday with you to celebrate your birthday.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

A great weekend!

It is not often that we have our weekends with daddy... I think it's going to be a good year!  Today we went out for a ride around the nearby park.
E is learning to ride a balance bike -- we are hoping to skip the training wheels stage with him.  Special thanks to our dear friends, Kenyon and Annapurna, whom handed down this balance bike to us.
 He gets better each day as he uses it more often... but still complains he's tired!  :)
 She is already riding a two wheeler but pretends she's little every now and then. :)  Look how big she looks on this!!!!
 I went to put the bikes down for them and then came around to witness this...
 Uh.... is he really putting her up in the tree?!
 Yes, he is!
 And yes, she is thrilled about it!!!!
 So... of course, monkey see....
 Monkey do!
 No, he does not like it one bit! ;)
Our friends have been asking us to visit Half Moon Bay with them... we've never been able to set a date.  But today we did it!  Here are the children upon arrival.  They were very excited!

 They wanted to do some crabbing...so we went here:
 And the dads started working on how that would happen...
They kept busy for awhile...

 A few hours later...we finally caught one!  (Don't let Jonas' expression fool you -- he was TOTALLY excited!!!)
 And they played with it:
 "Yahoo, a crab!!!"
 Then Daddy came with the measurer....
 Sadly, the crab was too small...and we had to put it back in the bay.
 So we all left and went to the preserves to play in the tide pools.  The tide was so low this afternoon.  It was great!  And the weather... wow, couldn't tell we are in winter season!  It was absolutely gorgeous!!!
Here is Marie, fresh from her nap, enjoying the view with her dad, Christian:
 Jonas and MD are out and about exploring:

 Dad and MD are enjoying taking photos of a hermit crab on his hand:

 E and Martina are enjoying a game -- he was laughing a belly laugh with her!
 Anna and MG are putting together a sanctuary for a ladybug they found.  Not sure if the lady bug really needed all this... but it sure kept them busy! :)
 Not sure if you can see the hermit crabs here.
Look how beautiful it was today!
 MD had to take a picture of this gigantic anemone!  After he took it, he ran over to me, showed it to me.. and I had to go see it for myself!  It was HUGE!!!!   
 Then we took our usual hike up to take our traditional family photo:
 My, we have grown!
 I mean, my, THEY have grown!  ;)
See here:



2010   We visited many times in 2010 but did not take family photos!


Half Moon Bay, we love you... What a great place to visit anytime during the year!