Half Moon Bay, California November 2012

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

July 4th Camping with the "Phamily"

We are lucky enough to know Ed and Uyen... (our college roommates!)  Uyen's sister, Trang, is married to Thao... who is a "Pham" and he is the original member of a group of men who used to camp together as single friends.  Well, these friends continued this camping tradition even after having families... so now, every year they get together to camp!  And although we are not a "Phamily" member... we've been lucky enough to get invited!  Our foot was in the door a few years ago (whenw e first attended and the group in attendance was about 90+), so now we are invited back each time they get together!  How awesome is that?!  Let me tell you... you've never been camping until you've been with this group!  This year, we were told, the group number increased to 175!
This camping trip was awesome!!!!!
First night's dinner????
PHO!!!  We were so excited to experience our first ever, Pho dinner while camping!

 She was cooking the noodles:
 Here's the beef!
 There's the broth:
 Delicious!  This is what the children had -- beef ball noodle soup!
 Hi Ed!!!  He is always so busy helping the children so it was nice to see him sit down finally to eat.  :)
 Ryan and James enjoying their dinner:
 Hello, there, Emily!  (Mom, that's Ed and Uyen's little girl!  She's one now!)
 After dinner, we went straight to roasting marshmallows for s'mores!
 It's their favorite camping activity!
 MG is a pro at it now and knows how she likes it....
 Sweet Ryan... getting ready to sink his teeth in his!
 E already loving it!
 Sweet girl enopying her first S'more
 He's starting to enjoy his "french roast" (per Uncle Jim)
 Dad can finally enjoy one too!
 The next morning....breakfast!  (There's Ed, busy as usual!)
 Scrambled eggs!
 Steamed yams and rice cakes!
 Fried egg rolls!!!!
 After breakfast the children had a game to play...
 Lots of rules to go over...
 The ammunition!  (scary, right?!)
 Almost ready, see how everyone is now armed?!
 My big guy, ready to rock and roll! (yikes!)
Even my princess was right in there with those boys!
 There goes the target!!!!!
 And the game is finally over....
 Everyone is happy!
 Okay... lunch time!  Fresh veggies....
 Shrimp and meat being grilled for the rice noodle dish with fish sauce...
 Even fried meat balls are being made for this delicious lunch dish!  (getting hungry while reliving it through this post!)  Then we were too busy eating to take pictures... sorry!
 After lunch we packed up and headed to the beach!
 Her only friend that is a girl... poor MG and Jennifer!  (Jennifer has mostly boy cousins that are her age. She finally has some girl cousins but they are mostly too young to play with her really.)
 After a few hours at the beach,.. guess what?  Back to camp for DINNER!  (after standing in a long line to shower the children, that is!)
 Thai sour soup!!!  (My favorite)
 A beef dish (I didn't have this as I was too busy slurping up the yummy soup!)
 Stewed pork with eggs!
The pot of sour soup being prepped earlier during the day.
 And that in a nutshell was our camping trip with the Yehs... at their "Phamily" camp!  Thank you for having us!!!  (we hope to sneak in again next year!)