Half Moon Bay, California November 2012

Monday, May 30, 2011

A memorable Memorial

It's always nice to have dad with us...
They are now into zip lines and have been asking for one...
 She won't be wearing this shirt much longer... :(
 So big!!!
 Today's bonus... Uncle came too!
 With Daddy's help and support...
 she made
it to the top!
 And then Dad helped her down!  (yikes!)
 Swinging monkey boy!
 We took a stroll through here... (nice covered bridge, huh?!)
And it led us here!
 It was a horse stable!
 Then we got hungry... hopped into the car and headed here...

 We love Loch Lomond!
 And eventually made it back home!
We had steak, salmon, artichokes, and asparagus for dinner -- all cooked on the grill!  (except for the artichokes!)  What a great Memorial weekend!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Science Fun and Open House

... makes for a busy day!
In Rock it Science they worked with wires and charges and batteries...
 and...wow... making these lights light up!  It was awesome!
 Later that evening we attended MG's school Open House:
When we walked in... we immediately saw 2 familiar faces... Cousins Peter and Ryan, showing off Flat Stanley!  Thank you again Gottschalk Family for taking time out of your busy schedules to compile a wonderful letter about Georgia and all the wonderful things you can do there -- in addition to taking Stanley out with you to Peter's park, soccer games, library, and his grandparents' house.
 Can you see her self portrait?!
 There's Peter and his buddy at the park after their soccer game and Flat Stanley:
That's Grandma Jan from Souix Falls, South Dakota -- at the roller derby!!!
  MG's desk:
 LOVE all of her art work this year!  Now we can put them up at home!
 Last thing to do on their list was to teach a family member how to play a math game -- they had a great time doing this... showed me how much MD actually knew about counting coins.  Wow, he knows a lot!
 And Ms. Dini... such a sweet teacher!

It was a fun event!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A day at the park

 we needed to get out - the boys and I.. so after school we picked up MG and headed to the park!  They ate a quick snack and then ran off!
I used to be nervous about this thing... Now, I just stand underneath and hold my breath!  Just kidding!  They love it!  They have been on this thing so many times that I totally trust them to know their own limits.  They always do just fine!
 There he goes...
 And there he tries... and he tries every time with out complaining!  One day, I know he will be up there with the other 2 and I'm not going to know what to do!  (Oh boy!)
 She always gets there first, the little monkey!  Thanks to good friend, Olivia, who showed her all the tricks kindergarten year!  :)
 After climbing, we went for a walk to play near the lake.  Remember my children... where there is water, there must be some rock skipping!  So off they went chucking rocks in the lake.  MG almost chucked me with a rock!  That girl could use a lesson or 2 on throwing forward, rather than up and back!
 Then she got distracted... by this lady bug here:
 But this guy, he's always focused on causing mischief.  He was trying to figure out how to get that tire out of the lake... He began pulling a HUGE root sticking out of the dirt... this is where you may insert nervous mom rushing forward after taking this almost innocent looking boy's picture who is just playing a bit too close to the lake for his mom's comfort!  He, of course, did not fall in... but you never know with him!
 Before we left, I asked for a picture... and this is what I got!  Can't be too picky if you want all 3 in the picture and all somewhat looking in my direction!  :)
 When I asked for a silly one, they gladly obliged!  Ha, imagine that!  :)
Happy Tuesday all!!!!  Have a great rest of the week!

A trip to San Francisco

Vince had to work Saturday, so we had him all day Sunday to ourselves!  We decided to drive to SF and have lunch.
Yummy wonton soup!!!!

 He only likes the noodle -- no soup, no wonton... yes, very exact!  :)
 I had the wonton with duck and egg noodle soup! OH MY!!!  Good thing we walked after this meal!
 We have been here so many times...but have never taken photos... so here you go!
 Then we went to Golden Gate Park and they had so much fun running around that I didn't take any pictures! Except these:

Could they be any cuter????

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Her first sleep over

She went off to camp with her troop yesterday afternoon at Gilroy Gardens...  This is her first time sleeping away from home without a family member in tow.  She was really nervous leading up to the event. But you will see from these photos, she was very excited!
The troop:

 Closer -- love that DJ their mascot is in a matching tshirt too!
 She's getting so big!!!!
 Brotherly love and farewell:
 a bit of a forced farewell?!
 Happy to be on their way!
And I'm happy to report that at 9:45 PM when she called to say good night, she was very happy!  I am so proud of her! :)  Picking her up this afternoon.. more stories to come about her adventures!  I also made her a few new items to carry her supplies!  Photos to follow!

So i don't have too many pictures because I'm still waiting for the leader and co-leader to offer some up!  lol  Cindy (the leader) and Melinda (co-leader) were nice enough to text and email some photos while they were having fun.

The tent they... er... pitched... hmmmm, something not quite right, right?  Turns out they were missing a pole -- so this was used to store their luggage!  (photo courtesy of Melinda)
Dinner that night: (photo courtesy of Cindy)

 The next morning riding the carousel: (photo courtesy of Melinda)
The next day in front of the waterfall:  (photo courtesy of Cindy)

While she was doing all that... they boys and I were doing this:
We celebrated the 5year anniversary of our local library/community center!
There were science demonstrations:

 Private story time:

 Cookie decorating:

 Then we went to a different library and they sat for 45 minutes during an opera performance of Hansel and Gretel!  The San Jose Opera members were amazing!  (Sadly, I was the one falling asleep during the show because I was up late worrying about MG last night and wondered if she would need me, etc, etc... but I never received a phone call.. and eventually fell asleep!)
 After the show we went to lunch....

yes, her ate both tacos and the pizza!!!  He's a growing boy!
After this meal we went to pick up MG -- she had a fabulous time!!!!  I am so proud of her!  Now she can have more sleep overs!  :)