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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

We had brunch with the Schoenfelders, Wiggers, and Dixons.  Corinna and Vince planned it all out... Corinna made the main meal (eggs, sausages, croissants), Vince provided dessert ( English sticky toffee pudding), the children provided drinks (fresh squeezed orange juice), and Jim provided fruit (mangos).  What a treat for all of us!!!
When Corinna arrived she brought these beautiful orchid corsages.  I say she goes into the floral business!  Look how beautiful they are!  The bonus - theses orchids were from her own plants!
 Such talent!
 She made 3.
One for Mom, Clare.  One for myself (Thank you Corinna!!!), and one for Anne-Marie.
Then we ate... and that was the end of picture taking!  It was difficult to look at all the wonderful food without inhaling it all in!  So, we sort of forgot to take pictures!  Here we all are... content as can be... with empty dessert bowls!  (Jim, Clare, and Hans -- Anne-Marie walked away as I was taking this picture!)
 Dave, Corinna, Ratha (my cousin), and Vince, partially cut off - sorry, Honey - wasn't intentional -- just trying to take a creative photo!
 I ran to the kitchen when I saw the children's dessert bowls were still there... here are the English sticky toffee puddings (without the whipped cream toppings)!  They were AMAZING!!!!
 The children made all the women flowers:
 Beautiful, no?
We bought Clare a hat... She's going on a trip to Europe and we wanted to give her something that would easily pack, shade her from the sun in the back and the front, and also have a chin strap when she is on her boat trip...so it wouldn't fly away.
 After brunch we went to visit Great Grandma who just had surgery.  She is doing VERY well and should be coming home in a few more days.  We made her flowers too... (MG is strutting her new coat from Land's End, isn't it nice?!  A splurge on my part when I was given a 30% off coupon.  But so worth it!)
 Well... what can I say about this little guy?!
MD would not stand still long enough for me to take photos of him and his flowers!  I hope you are all having a fabulous Mother's Day!  I'm going to take a nap now!  Haha!  Just kidding!  Even on Mother's Day, that is impossible!

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