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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Andy Z, the park, and some bugs!

It has been almost a year since we've seen Andy Z... So when my friend, Heather, informed me that he was in town... I made sure to plan everything appropriately so we could go see him!  We arrived a bit late (I had some pendants to finish up and get ready for mailing!)... but in time for E's favorite song!

 So he hopped on up and went to the front to join in the fun!
 He loves that Scarecrow song!!!!  (and if you can't tell, he's not shy about getting up and gettin' down!  See that boy next to him?  He "hit" him a couple times while dancing but E hit him right back!  But the 2 thought it was a game, so no one cried or complained.  I kept an eye on that bigger boy though... He was getting a bit aggressive toward the end, but E handled him quite well!)
 After the show he wanted to show Andy his "race car Andy Z shirt."
February 2009 --  Look at E a year and a half ago!
June 2009 --Here's MD wearing that same shirt that now fits E!
After the show it was a bit hot where we were so we went for a walk... MD nearly died when he saw these!
 So they spent some time playing here... But with all the other younger children around, they could not play a "real" game.
 So we headed towards the car and drove to the park!  Where they flew an airplane...
 relaxed on the wing...
 drove a fire engine...
 And ended the exciting day collecting bugs while waiting for MG to meet us at the car.
What a fun day!!!!  (I am exhausted!  Phew... No, just kidding!  What did I do but drive them around town?  It was a relaxing day for me and I am so happy they had a great day!)

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