Half Moon Bay, California November 2012

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Another 2-wheeler in the family!

She was scared at first when we took off the training wheels.  After a few tries she gave up.  We don't like to push (at least I don't since I can't ride a bike, I am more empathetic).  So months later... she wanted to give it another try.

Can I tell you how easy it was?  It was sooo easy for her!

She barely got on, I ran along side her.... and when I let go, she kept going!!!!  It only took a few tries for her to feel comfortable.  My girl ROCKS!!!
Off she goes!!!!
 And goes....
 And goes...
 And she's back!!!!  She's a bit uncertain here... but she no longer is!

I am so proud of her!  :)

What she is thankful for...

Baby girl went to her first (gasp!) sleep over last week, remember that post?  She and her buddy, O, played school.  MG was the student and this was her assignment.  She wrote this and i found it in her bag along with all the clothes and things she packed: (unedited)
There are 4 things I am thankful for.
First of all, I am thankful for that my mom paks me lunch so I doun't nee (need) hot lunch because it coudld be cold when I get in line to get.
She is a very, very, very, very, very, (yes, she wrote that many!) nice and kind mom.
Next of all, I am thankful that my mom helps me with my homework so I doun't get a bad grade. (I'd better get cracking on her spelling! lol)
She is very good at helping with homework.
Last, I am thankful that my family has money so my broter and I can go to school and get some nolege (aka knowledge) into our brains. (not sure what that means - they attend a public school!)
I like my school.
Now you see why I am thankful for the things I have!

I am so thankful for the things she is thankful for -- so sweet coming from an 8 year old!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Thanksgiving Feast

Today MD had his class Thanksgiving feast -- they made friendship salad and soup.  It was so nice to see the class come together and celebrate friendship.
Here they are after putting on their gear -- last week they made head pieces, both pilgrim and native american.  They were given the opportunity to choose what they wanted to wear during the feast.  So today they put on their attire of choice.  They are getting ready.

 Mrs. Lozoya read a story while children were called by rows to fill their plates:
 Here they are practicing taking turns and serving themselves -- buffet style:
 Such good manners!
 E was keeping busy with other siblings while he waited his turn:
 MD has his plate ready... now just waiting for everyone else:
 Cute table set-up, right?
 I love their tepee centerpieces:
 And now that everyone has found their seats... It's time to eat!
 E wasn't quite ready...
 But he smelled the yummy friendship soup and wanted some too!
 After the feast, they gathered for a class photo...
 Mrs. Lozoya tried to get out of a class picture... but we caught her!  ;)
 Brothers... they are so cute!!!!
Happy early Thanksgiving!!!!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Her first sleep over

I'm hoping not to hear from Melinda tonight... but if she does call, I will be ready to drive while half asleep!

Sweet dreams baby girl... maybe not too early, as this was taken sometime after 9 PM and see what she's holding in her hand?!  Yes, chocolate chips cookies!!!!  I think I need to pay that cookie... err, my girl, a visit!  :)

Friday, November 4, 2011

Halloween Night -- part 4 of 4

Funny that I failed to notice they were all dressed in green this evening!  MG and E didn't want to wear their day costumes.  They opted for warmer costumes... to their displeasure after only walking to a few homes!  The weather was actually very warm... so they had to continually take off their heads -- even MD had to take off his hat because he was running around so much!  (That might have added to how they managed to get sick sick and were out of school for 2 days afterwards!)
We started off at Leo and Matt's house -- they loved this cauldron with the bubbles coming out of it!  (More pictures of Leo's house at the end of the post...)

 And they were off!!!!
 LOVE that they are all in green ... hee hee hee!
 See MD's bucket?!  Already full of goodies!
 She looks tired but wanted to trek on!
 I bet this poor woman felt overwhelmed when this group came to the door!
 This house was so nicely decorated!
 Now.. enjoy Leo's awesome decorations!!!!  (see my pirate pants? ;))

And that my friends, was Halloween!  Now..... roll out the turkey... I am ready for cooler weather and hot soup for dinner!

Halloween Part 3 of 4 -- School Halloween Parade/Party

October 31, 2011 -- after this, only one more post and we are caught up and DONE with Halloween!!!  (phew!)

What a busy day it was today!
We started the morning with a parade of ONLY the four kindergarten classes:
Here he comes!!!!
With little brother cheering him on!!!
At one point E thought he wanted to join the parade...
But he changed his mind... so MD went off with his buddy, Gavin:
And they finished with one more lap around the kindergarten yard:
 Then they lined up to return to class:
 But not before one class photo!
Then his fourth grade buddies' class came over...
 and led the school parade!  This is his buddy, Dillon:
 Check out all the students in their amazing costumes!!!
 They just kept coming...
 and then I saw MG's teacher... she's the fisher"woman" here:
 And there she comes!
 Doesn't she look so beautiful in that dress Corinna bought her?!
 So I asked for a few posed photos...
 At the end of the parade, MD's class gathered for another picture with their big buddies:
So I zoomed in on MD, his buddy, and his teacher:
Then I left MD's class and went to see what MG was doing... eating, of course! ;)

 Here she is with classmate, Jason, and little guy:
 Her classroom was so nicely decorated!
 Back outside in the heat, she and Hannah were still eating (no food in the classroom - smart teacher!).  Doesn't Hannah make an adorable kitty kat???
 When she finished stuffing herself with delicious cookies and popcorn.. she went in to do some crafts:
 Of course, he jumped right in and went to work!  :)
A few more projects:
Afterwards I left her and went to get MD -- Kindergarteners always need to be picked up by a parent.  I like that rule!  So I grabbed his teacher.. and look, they match!
 After school we rushed off to swim lessons!!!  (yes, today was the first day of the new session!)
 And they had so much fun!