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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Halloween Part 2 of 4 -- Family Halloween Party

My good friends, Astrid and Melinda, put on a wonderful family friendly Halloween party for the children.  We all dressed up -- I know, you can't tell, but I am wearing cat ears!  ;)
 The children were so adorable!  The food everyone brought to share was delicious!
 And the children were... ADORABLE!!!!
Vanessa, Annelise, Olivia, and Cassie
MG and buddy Jenna
adorable Addison!
Happy Dorothea and Dominique
 They played a few games.  This one had me in stitches!!  I was laughing so hard I had to stop every now and then to breathe!  So these donuts were hung on a pole, the children had to try to eat them... without using their hands!!!  Can you see mine couldn't help but use his hand?!
Here are the other two:
So the children were lined up and took turns according to their heights.  The winner was determined by whomever is able to finish their donuts first without letting their donuts drop on the ground... if it does, they are OUT!
This is Vince's favorite -- Dominique is concentrating so hard here!!!!
 Brother and sister next to each other (she finally decided to join the fun after seeing everyone else having such a good time!).
Poor Dorothea (on the left)... she was on her last bite (not this picture, of course)... and it fell!  Jenna (right) did very well too.. but it fell off too!  DARN!  

 Madonna here did very well!  (she's also 13!)
And another fun shot!  :)  MG was so dainty in her bites -- she did pretty well.
The next game entailed getting an Oreo cookie into your mouth.. from your forehead!
 I don't think anyone got it on their mouths,
 but it was funny fun nonetheless!!!
 I LOVE this shot!!!!  He did so well... but just couldn't get it in...
 This is Astrid showing how to do the cookie game -- you had to be there! ;)

After the party we stopped by Uncle Leo and Uncle Matt's house for a few pictures and to get the chidlren used to the decorations... pretty scary!  ;)

His mustache was tickling him!  Heeheee
What a great evening!!!
Now... plans for next year's costumes... hmmm.... more to come!

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  1. Love the candid shots! Can't wait for next year's costumes!!

    Happy Weekending, Steph!