Half Moon Bay, California November 2012

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Pumpkin Patch

This is my mom's neighborhood pumpkin patch.  We've gone to this particular one with our Allen at Steinbeck Elementary friends for many years.  The children run around, chase each other, play around... all in all, they have a great time!  We are now at different schools (some are still at Allen) but we make an effort to meet each other throughout the year.  The one time we meet is during Halloween at this pumpkin patch.  I will miss it when we move... (but that's another post later on).
MD on an old tractor!
 MG and her friends from kindergarten (although we've known Olivia since preschool).  My, they have grown!
 Boys and trucks -- what is it about that?!
 My good friend, Lisa, Jenna's mom grabbed this adorable picture of E.  He does look adorable, doesn't he?
 MD tried to hide from her, but she got this one!
The group through the years:


They all look so young here... where has the time gone?!

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  1. I wanna go to a pumpkin patch!! Wish we could join you there. Such fun pics, Steph!!

    How time flies!! The kids have grown so much since.