Half Moon Bay, California November 2012

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween Part 1 of 4 -- Leo's Halloween Party

We began the weekend off with an adult only party -- it's been a long time since Vince and I have done that!  We were fortunate enough to have Emma as a babysitter.  She did a great job.  When we arrived to pick up the children, MD and E were both sound asleep, while MG was still up watching a movie.
Here are some of the great costumes:
(this Rubik's cube actually rotated and he built a cup holder inside his box for drinks!)
 My good friends, Charrrro and Audrey... ;)
 Us women...
And the other set from the other side of the room:
 My cousin with a few of Leo's good  friends:

 Vince and I with our very good friend, Leo -- we all bought our costumes at the Renaissance Faire together!
(now look past us, can you see the purple and red pirate pants on the skeletons?  I sewed those!  Yes, I'm pretty proud!  ;))
 What a fun evening.  Thanks for a great party, Leo!

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  1. You two look fantastic!! What a beautiful couple! And don't get me started on the pirate pants you sewed! I wish I was there too.