Half Moon Bay, California November 2012

Friday, November 4, 2011

Halloween Night -- part 4 of 4

Funny that I failed to notice they were all dressed in green this evening!  MG and E didn't want to wear their day costumes.  They opted for warmer costumes... to their displeasure after only walking to a few homes!  The weather was actually very warm... so they had to continually take off their heads -- even MD had to take off his hat because he was running around so much!  (That might have added to how they managed to get sick sick and were out of school for 2 days afterwards!)
We started off at Leo and Matt's house -- they loved this cauldron with the bubbles coming out of it!  (More pictures of Leo's house at the end of the post...)

 And they were off!!!!
 LOVE that they are all in green ... hee hee hee!
 See MD's bucket?!  Already full of goodies!
 She looks tired but wanted to trek on!
 I bet this poor woman felt overwhelmed when this group came to the door!
 This house was so nicely decorated!
 Now.. enjoy Leo's awesome decorations!!!!  (see my pirate pants? ;))

And that my friends, was Halloween!  Now..... roll out the turkey... I am ready for cooler weather and hot soup for dinner!

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  1. Love the cauldron! And the graveyard is fantastic!!

    Have a great weekend, S! We'll be away for awhile visiting our folks back in my hometown. Missing you already!!!