Half Moon Bay, California November 2012

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Thanksgiving Feast

Today MD had his class Thanksgiving feast -- they made friendship salad and soup.  It was so nice to see the class come together and celebrate friendship.
Here they are after putting on their gear -- last week they made head pieces, both pilgrim and native american.  They were given the opportunity to choose what they wanted to wear during the feast.  So today they put on their attire of choice.  They are getting ready.

 Mrs. Lozoya read a story while children were called by rows to fill their plates:
 Here they are practicing taking turns and serving themselves -- buffet style:
 Such good manners!
 E was keeping busy with other siblings while he waited his turn:
 MD has his plate ready... now just waiting for everyone else:
 Cute table set-up, right?
 I love their tepee centerpieces:
 And now that everyone has found their seats... It's time to eat!
 E wasn't quite ready...
 But he smelled the yummy friendship soup and wanted some too!
 After the feast, they gathered for a class photo...
 Mrs. Lozoya tried to get out of a class picture... but we caught her!  ;)
 Brothers... they are so cute!!!!
Happy early Thanksgiving!!!!

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  1. What a wonderful celebration! The table set up was fantastic!

    Happy Belated Thanksgiving, S!