Half Moon Bay, California November 2012

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Performance on a HOT day!

Ladies and gentlemen... she sings!  (and she was not a bit nervous...  I know, it wasn't a solo part, but she was just so stinking cute singing with her class.

 She spotted me!  :)
 A video to come....

And this fella, started his new session of science class with Rock it Science.  He loves it and looks forward to many experiments and silly stories!
 Today they tested out what size/shape paper can stay up the longest after having been shoved through this red tube thing that has air blowing through it.  MG used to call this red thing the jelly bean guy... not sure why!
 While MD was busy with that, he was content to draw away!  His princess:
 And a very nice scenery...
 Then he put on this goofy pair of glasses.  :)
I love these children!  :)  
And I love that the weather is so beautiful!!!!  
Welcome Spring, we've been waiting!!!

---------------------------just added-------------------------------------------------
After picking up MG from her art class after school, we returned to Jim and Clare's to do some yard work:
He collected some bugs:
 He was digging for the bugs:
 She avoids the bugs:
 And he finally began his work with Clare -- pulling weeds from the hill they used to jump off of during the fall.  It was once a pile of dirt... and now it is a mountain of weeds!
 It was starting to get hot...
 REALLY hot...
 So we retreated to the house for a cold treat!
It was a nice day today!!!
Another sign of Spring... so lovely!  Soon we will have delicious apples!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Everyday when MG does homework, it's torture... not that it's difficult for her, but the fact that MD and E are playing while she is "working," is difficult for her to see.  She feels like homework is her punishment and she can't play when she wants.  So, I solved that problem... everyday, when she does her homework, they do too!  And guess what?  They love it!!!!  (Afterwards, their reward is to do something they want for 30 minutes before dinner or shower.  They often choose playing on the computer or watching a short show on TV.)
She technically can finish her homework over 2 days, so she technically does not take all week to complete her work.  We crank it out with 1 day of worksheets (how ever many is included in her packet) and the next day (day 2) writing about the book she read over the week (she reads somewhere between 5-6 books a week, so she has to choose only one to write a few sentences about) and studying her spelling words.
So, from now on, this is what we will do!  Check it out:

MD is writing a letter to Braden:
 E is coloring today (thanks for the book Yeh family!), but sometimes he does "work" too.  Some days he colors by numbers or write letters:
 And she's doing her homework:
 Here's MD's letter to Braden.  I love it!  I did not correct him or say anything.  He wrote what he wanted and we're mailing it to him tomorrow morning.  Can you read it?  Do you need a translation?
Dear Braden,
I like to play on your Wii.
I like to play in your room.
I like to play out your back yard.
I love that they are battling with their light sabers.  :)  He asked if Braden was shorter than him.  When I said yes, he figured he would "allow" Braden to have a longer light saber to make up for his height.  Heehee.

Monday, March 28, 2011

For Sweet Katelyn

Our best friend, Tony, from high school had a beautiful baby girl, Katelyn.  On Sunday we celebrated her baptism in San Francisco and the traditional red egg and ginger ceremony in San Mateo.  I knew I wanted to make something for her but couldn't think of what to make her.  Until Vince reminded me that I used to make baby quilts all the time when we were first married.  (Here is where I do a shout out to my dear friend, Kate, who taught me how to sew my first quilt!  Thanks Kate!!!)
So, E and I went to the fabric store, checked out the pink section, bought some beautiful shades of pink, and I "whipped" this up the night before.  Crazy, but it was done... from midnight until 5AM in the morning I chugged along...  (Yeh family... maybe don't look too closely here, Emily will be receiving one similar!)
 I'm pleased with it and I hope she will have a few fun moments on her tummy here or playing on those play things (what are those things called?!) or maybe have a nice nap/rest on the floor... or even have a few spit ups...  who knows!
 Here it is with the tea spoon I hand stamped for her.
It was a great day... Vince was the official photographer, so more photos to come.

Our Budding Artist

Lately, he has been drawing A LOT!

bird... more specifically, he says, "Angry Bird."  I do not know what the game is about -- but it's something he plays with his siblings and dad... I'll just pretend it's a great educational game and plead ignorance when asked...  Will that work? ;)

 Daddy surfing (check out that big wave!), while a steam boat goes by:
 experimenting with letters, on his own!
 a flower (might be a sunflower):
 a dragonfly:
 and a bigger steam boat with an airplane (look closely) flying over head:
I have to admit that I thinks he's a great artist for a 3 1/2 year old!

Bodum French Coffee/Tea Press and Breville Milk Frother

We own this and I LOVE it!!!!
First, I don't like having to "make" coffee... But, with this, it's so convenient and quick that I don't mind!
1) put in coffee grinds
2) pour in hot water
3) wait
4) press down filter
5) pour in cup and drink!
I own a smaller "travel size" version because I drink a small cup in the morning by myself.  I make it just for myself and quickly rinse the cup and it's done.  On the weekends, Vince, my cousin, and I all share using the bigger size seen below:
I'm all about convenience, you? Go here for more info.  I used to not drink coffee and would enjoy the smell from everyone else's coffee.  After 3 children, I crave coffee every morning and early afternoon...  A small cup gets me through the day.  However, I cannot drink coffee straight, I doctor it up... A LOT!  My favorite is to add milk.  

For my birthday, Vince bought me this... and it was love at first sight!
I now drink coffee with a huge smile on my face!  :)  And guess what, E loves it too!  Why?  Because we use the frother to warm his milk every morning.  (we're trying to use the microwave less these days)  It's just wonderful!  I love that there are 2 different attachments.  One for a latte and one for cappuccino.  

So, have you had yourself a nice cup of latte lately?  Come on over, let me make you a cup!  ;)

I should mention that this post is based on my personal review.  I was not paid to review these items by either company.  Like I said, I own these and wanted to write about them.  Now, if they want to offer me something else to review, I don't think i will say no.  :)  Your views may be different and if they are, tell me!  I'd like to hear from you.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

She is so brave, my baby girl!

Today was the first day of a few more days... that she will have her teeth extracted.  Remember the post about her over crowded teeth?  Today was the first day... and she was the perfect patient!

Although she seemed nervous, she was chipper as ever.  During the first few minutes I was nervous for her.  Once the gas kicked in.. she was hilarious!!!!  She said to me (while her arms quickly swung up and then quickly sank down again), "Mommy, I am floating!!!"  And then with a big smile on her face, "My legs are asleep, heeheehee!"  Then she picked them up and crossed them while leaning back on the chair!  I laughed at her and she laughed at me.  She was so cute and so funny!  I love that girl so much, she makes me laugh!
When all was said and one, she was handed her teeth in a cute little box.  She wanted to open it immediately.  But I stopped her because she was still in the chair, still getting over the high, and the last thing I needed was to crawl on the floor looking for the teeth she might drop.  So she said to me really loud (because her headphones were still on - she was listening to Lilo and Stitch's Disney CD), "Take a picture for me!!!!"  And she even made the motions in case I couldn't understand her!  Heeheee... (that was a good idea, right?!) I laughed at her some more because she was so cute! :)  Then I took a picture of her teeth and showed her:

"Wow," she said, "They are so big!"  Yes... they are!  Check out her roots!  Oh my goodness!  I was in the room with her and tried to escape to the waiting room but she wouldn't let me.  Dr. Corcoran said I could stay and my reply was, "Yes, I know, but It's for my own sake that I should go!"  Well, she won and I stayed and held her hand during the entire process.  I watched as he struggled to pull that baby out!  The roots were so far apart and he even said to her,"This one does not want to come out!"

But she was such a trooper through it all!  By the time she went to bed, she was finally able to feel her lips again... and was able to write a nice letter to the tooth fairy:
The tooth fairy rewarded her with $4 (2 for each tooth) and a Pokemon card!  She was so excited this morning!!!!

So, there goes Tooth #9 and #10!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

We thought it was a good idea...

to go for a short scootering adventure at the local park:
 and spend some time playing at the playground...
BUT we didn't expect it to rain on us!
 So we quickly scootered back to the car....
 as quickly as our little legs would carry us and while pushing our scooters... as quickly as we could...

Phew... made it back home in time before the rain began to POUR on us!  That was fun though!  

Our future scientist at work...

MDQ has been enjoying his science classes via  Rock it Science:

 and Schmahl Science :

What is there NOT to like... they think, discuss, create, and experiment/explore... it's MDQ in a few words!!!

Monday, March 21, 2011

E Makes a New Friend

Well, he didn't, but he did... see?

But you have to know about this book first to appreciate it.  Fox is bored one day and tells his mom he is going to catch a friend.  So he brings out his net.  But mom explains that friends can't be caught, they must be made...  So off he went to "make" a friend.

So, do you see the friend now?!  He drew that picture while MD was in science class... and the book was home.  Thank you Katrin for giving MD this book when he was born.  They are all enjoying it very much!  This is a great book.  It is so sweet!

Spring, you are here!!!!

We saw you on the way to school last week:  
(Pictures taken by E -- I held my phone and he snapped away at the sights of spring)

 After school, they all decided they wanted to start an ant farm!  I gave them a jar.  Jim gave them saw dust and they went to work:

Spring... welcome!!!!  (Although,  I could do without the heavy rain and loud thunder... could you work on that?!)