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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Graduation is creeping near... Need a gift idea?

I can make you  a personalized key chain!
I made this for my niece Tracy.  She's a junior this year and will be driving pretty soon! She is so wonderful to MG, MD, and E.  Anytime we visit, she takes them to her room and plays games with them.  She even takes them to the park and buys them ice cream!  She does a lot for them without me even asking her... yes, she is that wonderful!  Recently, she (and her mom - thanks Heather!) has helped MG sell A LOT of her girl scout cookies (because Tracy was one before!).  This is something small, but a gesture of thanks nonetheless.

This is what I made her:

I decided to add a flower stamp at the last minute.  Terrible picture, sorry!  I was in a hurry and did not check the quality of the photo!

I made one for my friend's daughter, who is also a junior this year:

This was the first key chain order I had - for a college student:

If you know a senior (or anyone, for that matter!) whom would appreciate one of these, send me an email, I'd be happy to help you out.

Pretty soon, I will be adding these to my other blog... Yes, I have another blog, just for the business side of my life!  The other blog should provide you with more details of what these are all about.   But here is a brief summary:

Each sterling silver piece is INDIVIDUALLY stamped by hand using individual stamping tools.  For this reason, NO two pieces are exactly the same.  These pieces were made specifically for YOU in mind.

Letters, numbers, etc., may not be perfectly straight, properly aligned and spacing may vary BUT these characteristics should NOT be looked at as imperfections but what makes each pendant ONE OF A KIND. Darkening may vary. 

ALL the pendants and charms are sterling silver and may need to be polished occasionally. Darkening may fade. This is the natural process of wearing silver.  You may wear your pendant in the shower or pool, but be aware that with time, the letters will start to fade.   (When fading occurs (years after your purchase, you can contact me and I will help you!) 

The keychains pictured on this post is selling for $20... yes, that's all!  :)  Well, the last one is a special order and is actually $25 because it's a larger disc.  It was necessary to hand stamp that phrase out for the client.

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