Half Moon Bay, California November 2012

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Performance on a HOT day!

Ladies and gentlemen... she sings!  (and she was not a bit nervous...  I know, it wasn't a solo part, but she was just so stinking cute singing with her class.

 She spotted me!  :)
 A video to come....

And this fella, started his new session of science class with Rock it Science.  He loves it and looks forward to many experiments and silly stories!
 Today they tested out what size/shape paper can stay up the longest after having been shoved through this red tube thing that has air blowing through it.  MG used to call this red thing the jelly bean guy... not sure why!
 While MD was busy with that, he was content to draw away!  His princess:
 And a very nice scenery...
 Then he put on this goofy pair of glasses.  :)
I love these children!  :)  
And I love that the weather is so beautiful!!!!  
Welcome Spring, we've been waiting!!!

---------------------------just added-------------------------------------------------
After picking up MG from her art class after school, we returned to Jim and Clare's to do some yard work:
He collected some bugs:
 He was digging for the bugs:
 She avoids the bugs:
 And he finally began his work with Clare -- pulling weeds from the hill they used to jump off of during the fall.  It was once a pile of dirt... and now it is a mountain of weeds!
 It was starting to get hot...
 REALLY hot...
 So we retreated to the house for a cold treat!
It was a nice day today!!!
Another sign of Spring... so lovely!  Soon we will have delicious apples!


  1. So glad spring is here! I'm sure you'll have many outdoor pics to share, S. Your girl looks really cute in the pics.

    Have a nice day!

  2. It is snowing right now. Yes. Snowing. That is NOT an April fool's joke.

    I hope it's the last one.