Half Moon Bay, California November 2012

Thursday, March 17, 2011

That sneaky leprechaun!

He came into their room, danced, lost a shoe... and did a few silly things!

He was pretty giddy about his milk being turned green:
She loves to have warm scrambled eggs and white rice... but her eggs were a bit off color today!  (although she still ate it!)
He ate it too and kept thinking he wanted ham!  :) 
And the best part was this: green rice krispy balls with chocolate chip centers!  Score!!!!  That leprechaun may have done a few silly things to their breakfast but he sure made up for it by leaving this yummy treat... that after dinner just magically "disrepeared!" (E's own word)  This inspired me!
Oh, he also left them a gold coin and an activity packet - which E jumped into as soon as he finished his chocolate milk and rice:
The leprechaun did not leave this though... She had a parade at school today and needed a cute green hair clip.  It was fun and easy to make. Go here and try it!

Hope your day was green and cheerful -- it was a beautiful day!  Rain, rain and MORE rain scheduled for the rest of the week... blah!!!!

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  1. So festive! Your leprechaun was sure a creative one!