Half Moon Bay, California November 2012

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Spring, I know you're coming!

Because the signs are starting to show....
This crazy fella had a blast stomping in every puddle he could find from our house to school and then school back home....  Trust me, there were many puddles!!!!  Look at his pants!  He was stomping so much that he worked up a sweat and had to take off his raincoat... which MG offered to wear because she was cold!
 This little one had fun watching, he had a fever the night before so he was not in the mood to puddle stomp today... only making scary faces!
 She was content with wearing her raincoat and MD's and holding the big umbrella that probably would carry her away if it got too windy!  But luckily it did not get too windy!
 The backyard is showing signs of spring.... peaches:
 and these flowers that are technically weeds, but they are so pretty, aren't they?  My 3 pull them out and suck on the ends -- very sour!  I don't encourage them to do that to more than 2.
Spring, quick, get here so summer can come!!!!  All this rain (and wind) is making me feel so blah!!!!

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  1. Can't believe those are weeds! They're sooo pretty!

    It seems like every bloggy pally I know can't wait for spring to come!

    Have a wonderful weekend, S!