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Monday, March 28, 2011

Bodum French Coffee/Tea Press and Breville Milk Frother

We own this and I LOVE it!!!!
First, I don't like having to "make" coffee... But, with this, it's so convenient and quick that I don't mind!
1) put in coffee grinds
2) pour in hot water
3) wait
4) press down filter
5) pour in cup and drink!
I own a smaller "travel size" version because I drink a small cup in the morning by myself.  I make it just for myself and quickly rinse the cup and it's done.  On the weekends, Vince, my cousin, and I all share using the bigger size seen below:
I'm all about convenience, you? Go here for more info.  I used to not drink coffee and would enjoy the smell from everyone else's coffee.  After 3 children, I crave coffee every morning and early afternoon...  A small cup gets me through the day.  However, I cannot drink coffee straight, I doctor it up... A LOT!  My favorite is to add milk.  

For my birthday, Vince bought me this... and it was love at first sight!
I now drink coffee with a huge smile on my face!  :)  And guess what, E loves it too!  Why?  Because we use the frother to warm his milk every morning.  (we're trying to use the microwave less these days)  It's just wonderful!  I love that there are 2 different attachments.  One for a latte and one for cappuccino.  

So, have you had yourself a nice cup of latte lately?  Come on over, let me make you a cup!  ;)

I should mention that this post is based on my personal review.  I was not paid to review these items by either company.  Like I said, I own these and wanted to write about them.  Now, if they want to offer me something else to review, I don't think i will say no.  :)  Your views may be different and if they are, tell me!  I'd like to hear from you.

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  1. Now I had to add the frother to my Amazon wish list! I've slowly become a cup a day coffee drinker, myself. With the amount of sleep you get, I think I'd need a huge mug to get the right amount into one cup, lol.

    Since I stopped eating sugar, I figured that I'd have to stop drinking coffee. I kept experimenting and finally found a way to drink it sugar free. I favor either a mix of coconut milk and coconut oil with a couple of liquid vanilla stevia drops, or just add full fat whipping cream to my cup. I've been a bit obsessed with finding a way to keep my coffee, and it's been fun to try different ideas. Yummy!

    I wanna froth now, too. :-)