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Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Everyday when MG does homework, it's torture... not that it's difficult for her, but the fact that MD and E are playing while she is "working," is difficult for her to see.  She feels like homework is her punishment and she can't play when she wants.  So, I solved that problem... everyday, when she does her homework, they do too!  And guess what?  They love it!!!!  (Afterwards, their reward is to do something they want for 30 minutes before dinner or shower.  They often choose playing on the computer or watching a short show on TV.)
She technically can finish her homework over 2 days, so she technically does not take all week to complete her work.  We crank it out with 1 day of worksheets (how ever many is included in her packet) and the next day (day 2) writing about the book she read over the week (she reads somewhere between 5-6 books a week, so she has to choose only one to write a few sentences about) and studying her spelling words.
So, from now on, this is what we will do!  Check it out:

MD is writing a letter to Braden:
 E is coloring today (thanks for the book Yeh family!), but sometimes he does "work" too.  Some days he colors by numbers or write letters:
 And she's doing her homework:
 Here's MD's letter to Braden.  I love it!  I did not correct him or say anything.  He wrote what he wanted and we're mailing it to him tomorrow morning.  Can you read it?  Do you need a translation?
Dear Braden,
I like to play on your Wii.
I like to play in your room.
I like to play out your back yard.
I love that they are battling with their light sabers.  :)  He asked if Braden was shorter than him.  When I said yes, he figured he would "allow" Braden to have a longer light saber to make up for his height.  Heehee.

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  1. Great idea to have them all do homework together! As always, cool drawings by your kiddos.