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Thursday, March 3, 2011

No Cavities!!!!

Today was his first visit... his "official" first cleaning visit, that is!  (He's been many times, but just as a spectator).
 Meg was so patient with him!  She went through the whole process of showing him how everything works, etc.etc.  I would have just said, okay buddy, sit back, relax, and here we go!
 And he did an excellent job!  He chose his very own Lightning McQueen tooth brush.  He opted for bubble gum flavored toothpaste (which he stated tasted yummy!) and orange flavored fluoride (which was also yummy, but not as much as the bubble gum).
 Then Dr. Corcoran came and checked him out... no cavities... and keep up the good job, E!
 MG is a pro at this now.  She did a great job with xrays too!
 Fluoride time!
 But then came the bad news.... her mouth is over crowded... and she will need to extract some baby teeth (now and possibly some adult teeth later) to make room for the adult teeth... 6 to be exact!  Hey Alex... any words of wisdom for your buddy here?  In a few weeks we will start the process.  And the inevitable discussion of braces came about... We will blame all this on Dad!  ;)
 This guy, well, he never has any issues.
 He means business... in, out, and let's go home so I can play now!
 So far, so good... no cavities!
A successful visit to the dentist... to be continued in 6 months... well, you will get an update on MG's extractions soon!

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