Half Moon Bay, California November 2012

Friday, September 30, 2011

2 Happy Gram Day!!! (But business as usual)

So at the end of each school day MD gets a "happy gram," if he has had a good day.  A good day would mean that he starts off the day with his name clip on "ready to learn," and they can earn the right to move their clip up (yay!) or move it down (boo!).  Today, he was able to earn his way all the way up to the top of that list after recess when his teacher asked him to move his clip up.... to "outstanding day."  When you land on this and stay there the rest of the day, you earn 2 happy grams!!!  He was so excited to show me when I picked him up today!!!
Check it out!!!  (so why the excitement?  If he collects 20, then he can exchange his happy grams for a prize in the treasure box.  He has already selected a prize this week and earning lots  more for the net prize!)
 But business as usual... I say!  Although we were excited, we still had work to do!  Here they are doing  math homework -- E too!  :)
 MG is working on her first school book report -- a comic strip version.
 She also turned in her 2nd. wild word.  What is a wild word you ask?  It's basically a way for the children to learn a new vocabulary word each week.  Last week was insipid!  And this week, she chose crude... see her illustration?  It's her crudely making her bed in order to go play!  We had fun making a lumpy bed, rug, and a messy closet door shoved with clothes!  (yes, she actually cut out small pants, shirts, and socks!)

Thursday, September 29, 2011

A new experience and a new do

Her new line... The Girls Rock Charm/Pendant:

 We made it in time to wear to her friend's 9th birthday party.  She wanted to wear the new skirt I made her (I found a maternity shirt at Target on the clearance rack for $5 and cut it out to make her a skirt.  She was planning to wear it as her Halloween costume... but it turned out so cute she's wearing it every chance she gets.  And it was such a simple project!).  Since it was a black skirt, she picked a nice vibrant shirt to wear.  I think this shirt is from her BFF, Annamarie.    Doesn't she look adorable?!
 So the party started off at a pizza parlor... then the girls moved next door for a pedicure and a manicure!  She was very excited... her first ever!  :)  Here they are choosing their colors:
 Then she was lucky enough to be seated next to her pal from preschool!
 Starting with a manicure:
 Hello, Olivia! :)
 Then a pedicure:
 Now to dry off!
 Birthday girl, Cassie!  Thanks for the fun experience, Cassie.  Morgan loves showing off her nails to everyone!  She wishes she could wear open toe shoes to school to show off her toe nails -- specially since she choose her school colors!
 When we came home... we found that they boys and Dad were headed to the park so we met them there.  I had to snap a picture of MD... His first ever SHORT hair do.  I was shocked when Vince cut it and I actually cried in front of him (bad mom!)... But I am slowly getting used to it.  I think it suits him just fine.  He is getting used to it too.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Swimming Lessons Update

It's a new season and they are off!!!
And they are loving it!  They swam the length of the pool without stopping (and without the kick boards!).  I took photos after they were in the pool for over 15 minutes swimming numerous laps and were exhausted so their teacher took pity on them and let them use kick boards after awhile. :)
He has the same teacher so he's in heaven -- having a blast and doing so much now!
Can't wait to see the progress!  AWESOME!!!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

He's been busy too

This little guy ges everywhere with me when M&M are in school.  I try my best to give him some time to do things that are geared just for him.  His favorite activity of the week is attending story time at the local library.  Ms. Karen is pretty good.  She keeps them entertained during her stories and she keeps them focused by singing songs that allow them to stand up and wiggle about after each story.

 He is pretty attentive to her stories... but we will need to attend more to help him stay focused.  :)
Check out some of his awesome artwork and WRITING (eeek, I am so excited for him!  He draws a picture, tells me what it is, I write on a piece of paper, and he copies my writing! It's so great!!!)

He drew a picture of Pikachu and some fire type Pokemon for Cousin Peter:
 He drew a picture for Ma:
 And a picture of Thomas the Train for Cousin Ryan:
 He drew another picture for Ma -- it's of the two of them holding hands!  So CUTE!!!
( I love his BIG green (his favorite color, of course) eyes and Ma's big purple nose!  hahaha!!!)

Monday, September 19, 2011

A nice day...

He did this:
 She spent an hour on this:
 While he wrote a letter to his buddy, Braden:
 Then I made this for dinner -- thanks Matt for the recipe!
(It was a quick pasta dish using a rotisserie chicken from Costco.  1) brown the skin of the chicken and set aside to crumble later on top of the dish, 2) saute garlic and onions, scrap off the good stuff left over from the chicken skin, 3) add shredded chicken, 4) season with salt, pepper, red chili flakes, 5) add chicken broth, 6) add cooked pasta of your choice, 7) add more chicken stock or pasta water if needed in the end.  I served the pasta with a side of spicy Italian sausages (which MD and I LOVE!), yummy green salad that Clare tossed together and some steamed broccoli and cauliflower... YUMMY!)

Friday, September 16, 2011

Special Helper of the Week

He had a fantastic week being the special helper.  His favorite part was being line leader.  "No matter where I am, when it's time to line up, I get to be first... no matter what!"  (hey, that's pretty exciting stuff, I tell ya!)
This is his wonderful teacher, Mrs. Lozoya.  She makes it fun to go to school!  :)

 We came in on Thursday to read a book to the class.  It is a way for each student to bring in some family members into the classroom to introduce to the class.  I read, Bob and Otto by Robert Bruel.  This book was given to MD by the Varnell family... waaay back when he was perhaps 2 years old?  It is one of his favorite books.  Mrs. L thought it was pretty special... as it is a book about friendship.
Isn't this a fun looking room?!
 Here is the wall where his poster was placed:
 A closer look:
  What a great way to start the year off for him -- being the FIRST special person of the week!
 Remember when he did this on the first day of school?
It was for this beautiful poster she put together!
Here is a photo of us on the first day of school.  It's great that this poster is right by the door for all of them to see when they first arrive and when they leave the class at the end of the day!
I KNOW he is going to have a fantastic year!!!

On Friday

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Guitar Lesson???

He has been talking about it a lot.  Dad has been encouraging him...
So this is what we did yesterday!  We met Mr. Kent who owns a guitar making shop (that also offers lessons) by our house.  He was extremely nice and patient with MD.  He had him sit and they tried out a few guitars...
Too big -- wait, are you right handed?

 Or left handed?
 Too small?

JUST right!
Lessons begin Thursday afternoon after school!
Our calendar is officially full now!  (Swim lessons (for all 3), science classes (2 different places for MD and MG 2 different days a week), math classes (just for MG), piano lessons (just for MG), and now guitar lessons (just for MD)!)

Happy Labor Day!

We did not do any laboring... thanks to dear friends Leo and Matt for having us over!

A walk with Ranger Carolyn

On Sunday I was feeling extremely lazy... but I had already planned on going on a nature walk over at Hellyer Park. SO rather than stayed curled up in bed, we started the day and then after lunch I packed up the children and headed out.  I'm so glad I did!  We had a great time!
Ranger Carolyn started with a talk about all the different animals that live around the park (we may or may not see any during the walk -- I'm thinking none would be fine with me!).
Here is a stuffed cougar:
 Here is a coyote skin:
 A raccoon skin:
 Skunk anyone?!!!
 And a real live king snake!!!!
 Then off we went!!!
It was a fun couple of h ours.  We got out of the house and I was no longer feeling lazy after this.  Thank you Ranger Carolyn.  We look forward to future walks.  Thanks Varnell Family for joining us!  :)