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Friday, September 16, 2011

Special Helper of the Week

He had a fantastic week being the special helper.  His favorite part was being line leader.  "No matter where I am, when it's time to line up, I get to be first... no matter what!"  (hey, that's pretty exciting stuff, I tell ya!)
This is his wonderful teacher, Mrs. Lozoya.  She makes it fun to go to school!  :)

 We came in on Thursday to read a book to the class.  It is a way for each student to bring in some family members into the classroom to introduce to the class.  I read, Bob and Otto by Robert Bruel.  This book was given to MD by the Varnell family... waaay back when he was perhaps 2 years old?  It is one of his favorite books.  Mrs. L thought it was pretty special... as it is a book about friendship.
Isn't this a fun looking room?!
 Here is the wall where his poster was placed:
 A closer look:
  What a great way to start the year off for him -- being the FIRST special person of the week!
 Remember when he did this on the first day of school?
It was for this beautiful poster she put together!
Here is a photo of us on the first day of school.  It's great that this poster is right by the door for all of them to see when they first arrive and when they leave the class at the end of the day!
I KNOW he is going to have a fantastic year!!!

On Friday

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