Half Moon Bay, California November 2012

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

He's been busy too

This little guy ges everywhere with me when M&M are in school.  I try my best to give him some time to do things that are geared just for him.  His favorite activity of the week is attending story time at the local library.  Ms. Karen is pretty good.  She keeps them entertained during her stories and she keeps them focused by singing songs that allow them to stand up and wiggle about after each story.

 He is pretty attentive to her stories... but we will need to attend more to help him stay focused.  :)
Check out some of his awesome artwork and WRITING (eeek, I am so excited for him!  He draws a picture, tells me what it is, I write on a piece of paper, and he copies my writing! It's so great!!!)

He drew a picture of Pikachu and some fire type Pokemon for Cousin Peter:
 He drew a picture for Ma:
 And a picture of Thomas the Train for Cousin Ryan:
 He drew another picture for Ma -- it's of the two of them holding hands!  So CUTE!!!
( I love his BIG green (his favorite color, of course) eyes and Ma's big purple nose!  hahaha!!!)

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