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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Guitar Lesson???

He has been talking about it a lot.  Dad has been encouraging him...
So this is what we did yesterday!  We met Mr. Kent who owns a guitar making shop (that also offers lessons) by our house.  He was extremely nice and patient with MD.  He had him sit and they tried out a few guitars...
Too big -- wait, are you right handed?

 Or left handed?
 Too small?

JUST right!
Lessons begin Thursday afternoon after school!
Our calendar is officially full now!  (Swim lessons (for all 3), science classes (2 different places for MD and MG 2 different days a week), math classes (just for MG), piano lessons (just for MG), and now guitar lessons (just for MD)!)

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  1. Good for him!! Can't wait to hear him play!
    Hope he'll stick with it. Rodney gave up his guitar after a year!