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Friday, September 30, 2011

2 Happy Gram Day!!! (But business as usual)

So at the end of each school day MD gets a "happy gram," if he has had a good day.  A good day would mean that he starts off the day with his name clip on "ready to learn," and they can earn the right to move their clip up (yay!) or move it down (boo!).  Today, he was able to earn his way all the way up to the top of that list after recess when his teacher asked him to move his clip up.... to "outstanding day."  When you land on this and stay there the rest of the day, you earn 2 happy grams!!!  He was so excited to show me when I picked him up today!!!
Check it out!!!  (so why the excitement?  If he collects 20, then he can exchange his happy grams for a prize in the treasure box.  He has already selected a prize this week and earning lots  more for the net prize!)
 But business as usual... I say!  Although we were excited, we still had work to do!  Here they are doing  math homework -- E too!  :)
 MG is working on her first school book report -- a comic strip version.
 She also turned in her 2nd. wild word.  What is a wild word you ask?  It's basically a way for the children to learn a new vocabulary word each week.  Last week was insipid!  And this week, she chose crude... see her illustration?  It's her crudely making her bed in order to go play!  We had fun making a lumpy bed, rug, and a messy closet door shoved with clothes!  (yes, she actually cut out small pants, shirts, and socks!)

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  1. The kids look so focused on what they're doing! Love the methods that are used to encourage learning!