Half Moon Bay, California November 2012

Monday, February 27, 2012

Our Fourth Annual Snow Trip to Dorrington

I can't believe this was our fourth year going to Dorrington with the Varnell Clan.  We have had so much fun and this year was no different.  The children were looking forward to it as soon as February came around.  They were so excited for the school day to be over with and for us to be on our way!
In the car and ready to go!!!!

 Our only stop for dinner at Rubio's in Tracy.  They were all very anxious to get going!
This is a new cabin that we stayed in this year... we may be returning to this one!
The very next morning, the children were awake bright and early and were ready to hit the slopes!  But we let them play in the back yard first while we got ready:
 He was very excited!
 She started immediately on making snow balls:
 Ben did too!
 Doesn't he look like he could be on a team?!  So handsome, that little man of mine!  :)
 "Snowball, Mommy!"
 She is getting so tall too!
 wheeeeee!!!!  His first sledding experience on his own!
 And it was a hit!!!!
 Then we walked down the street form our cabin...
 To this neighborhood slope!
 Nicole and Matthew had fun!
 MG and Emma taking a break:
 MG was going up and down faster than any of us.. he needed a water break!
 MG and Daddy went together -- poor MG, she got splashed with lots of snow!
 And they almost made it to the middle of the road!  Yikes!!!!  But she had fun -- can you tell?!!
 My 3 sledders!  :)
The next day we went to Bear Valley snow park to do some inner tubing... Only to discover that it was too crowded to stay...
So they had a bit of fun making snow angels:

 We forced them to take a group children picture:
 A fun one!
 And we headed back towards our cabin... To find this spot to sled!
The 2 Matthews:
 Here they come!!!!
E and Daddy are ready to go!
 MG and MD went a couple times together.  But mostly she stayed on her own since MD is a bit of a dare devil!  He tried looking for slopes and bumps and even made his own as he went down the slope!  (Next year he will have snow boarding lessons and he WILL be wearing a helmet!)
The trip ended too quickly... Our last morning the children agreed to one more group photo in front of the cabin:
 Aren't they so cute?!
It was a blast and I am so happy we went.  We look forward to this snow trip every year!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Time to Review again!

I'm not sure how I manage to let the weeks slip by without a post... but life has slipped by again!  We have been very busy...

February 8 -- MG had her 1/2 birthday.  She wanted tacos for lunch and chocolate cake for dessert!

February 11 --  MY birthday celebration (a day later)
 It was difficult to photograph everyone -- best we could do:
 The food was yummy and just kept coming!!!!

 These 2 have known each other since kindergarten!

 I love this sign she made me -- it's hanging above my bed.  :)

February 12 -- MD had his 1/2 birthday.  we spent the day celebrating another friend's birthday!  (it was a cowboy themed party if you couldn't guess!)  And then the long awaited meal.... SUSHI!!!!  He has been dying for sushi!

 Birthday boy's elder sister, Anna, with MG -- they get along well.

February 14 -- Valentin'es Day!  He helped to make that vase for his teacher, while MG and I made the pom pom yarn flowers.  He also made 23 homemade guitar valentines that read: You Rock! from MD

February 17 -- Our trip to the snow!  This requires its own post... so check back soon for a  more detailed post!