Half Moon Bay, California November 2012

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Time to Review again!

I'm not sure how I manage to let the weeks slip by without a post... but life has slipped by again!  We have been very busy...

February 8 -- MG had her 1/2 birthday.  She wanted tacos for lunch and chocolate cake for dessert!

February 11 --  MY birthday celebration (a day later)
 It was difficult to photograph everyone -- best we could do:
 The food was yummy and just kept coming!!!!

 These 2 have known each other since kindergarten!

 I love this sign she made me -- it's hanging above my bed.  :)

February 12 -- MD had his 1/2 birthday.  we spent the day celebrating another friend's birthday!  (it was a cowboy themed party if you couldn't guess!)  And then the long awaited meal.... SUSHI!!!!  He has been dying for sushi!

 Birthday boy's elder sister, Anna, with MG -- they get along well.

February 14 -- Valentin'es Day!  He helped to make that vase for his teacher, while MG and I made the pom pom yarn flowers.  He also made 23 homemade guitar valentines that read: You Rock! from MD

February 17 -- Our trip to the snow!  This requires its own post... so check back soon for a  more detailed post!

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  1. You have been missed, Steph!!

    Happy belated Valentine's Day and Birthday!!