Half Moon Bay, California November 2012

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Will and So's wedding

This is a great photo... of 5 college college roommates (minus one who did not attend).  These guys have been roommates at one point or another since freshman year while at UCLA.  And the great thing is... they still keep in touch, no matter how busy they all are.  And this Sunday, October 21, 2012, they all gathered together to celebrate one special event... the wedding of Will (front and center) to his beautiful soul mate, So.

And here she comes now!
Handing her off to Will...
It was a windy day, I did not have the best view sitting behind a very tall man... so here they are -- MARRIED at last!  :)
The reception:
Their places:
Us -- finally able to grab a group photo:
The beautiful wedding cake!
The happy couple!

And the forks that were used to feed each other...  :)
They wouldn't smash no matter how much we asked....  boo!
SO CUTE!!!!!
A group photo to appear here soon of the college guys and their spouses:

Halloween Party

We were invited back to Astrid and Mark's Halloween party this year.  So much fun was had by all -- but mostly by my 3 noise makers!
The food was fun...

And delicious!
MG and buddy Jenna!
Astrid's creepy toilet....
This was so cute!  Made me smile....
Those light up ping pong balls decorated by her children were my favorite.
And of course, the donut game was a HUGE hot by everyone!
Look at then go!
I love that this year E played and had such a good time!  I laughed so hard when MD's and E's strings got all tangled up!
Both boys were very disappointed their donuts fell before they could finish it!
There's my statue of liberty!  :)
With bat girl helping:
Good friends, good food.... what more could we ask for?!  It was a really fun night!  :)

Pumpkins in the Park

Every year I start off this post with... We've been attending this since MG was 1!  Um.... shall I?

We've been attending this event since MG was 1!  Time sure flies!  She's now.... 9!  And my, they have grown!  :)
Look at my beautiful babies!  :)  I am so proud of them!
Here they are at a station where their science teacher was helping out with... "Hello, Mr. Richard!"
This station was pretty cool... you know why???
This guy made fire!!!!
Then the children spun some wool...
Even he gave it a try!
Then they all decorated a pumpkin to support their science program at the Guadalupe Rive Park and Conservancy.
Very creative....
He even made this cute spider!
Oh and we ran into this lovely family!  Hello their Yeh family!  Glad you were able to join us with your fancy camera!  (lol)  And somehow... my children must  have known to wear green to match their children! ;)
Daddy joined us again this year!!!!  (this was his second time with us)
What a great day!!!!  I am already looking forward to next year.
Okay, I couldn't help it... here is MG at this event for the first time when she was one!  (with her buddy, Emma)

Auntie Anita's visit

Anita flew in from Los Angeles to attend Khay and Deo's wedding.  We only had her for the day... But it was a great one!  We went out to breakfast and then headed out to Carmel's Mission.  MG will have to visit a few this year for her fourth grade report.  We picked this one because we've been so many times already and it's just so beautiful.
 Anita and MG -- it was a very bright day!
 UCLA classmates... so many years ago!
 Inside the mission
 We lit a candle for Khay and Deo for their upcoming wedding a few days later.
 Outside -- isn't it beautiful?
 She will have to write a few facts about this place once she starts on her report -- if this is the mission she chooses.
 After the mission visit we drove to a nearby beach, parked, lugged our picnic lunch out and the children (aunty Anita included!) played in the water!
 They are eyeing the competition here....
 No match!
 But they loved it!!!!!
It was a great day!  Aunty Anita, come back soon!