Half Moon Bay, California November 2012

Thursday, March 24, 2011

She is so brave, my baby girl!

Today was the first day of a few more days... that she will have her teeth extracted.  Remember the post about her over crowded teeth?  Today was the first day... and she was the perfect patient!

Although she seemed nervous, she was chipper as ever.  During the first few minutes I was nervous for her.  Once the gas kicked in.. she was hilarious!!!!  She said to me (while her arms quickly swung up and then quickly sank down again), "Mommy, I am floating!!!"  And then with a big smile on her face, "My legs are asleep, heeheehee!"  Then she picked them up and crossed them while leaning back on the chair!  I laughed at her and she laughed at me.  She was so cute and so funny!  I love that girl so much, she makes me laugh!
When all was said and one, she was handed her teeth in a cute little box.  She wanted to open it immediately.  But I stopped her because she was still in the chair, still getting over the high, and the last thing I needed was to crawl on the floor looking for the teeth she might drop.  So she said to me really loud (because her headphones were still on - she was listening to Lilo and Stitch's Disney CD), "Take a picture for me!!!!"  And she even made the motions in case I couldn't understand her!  Heeheee... (that was a good idea, right?!) I laughed at her some more because she was so cute! :)  Then I took a picture of her teeth and showed her:

"Wow," she said, "They are so big!"  Yes... they are!  Check out her roots!  Oh my goodness!  I was in the room with her and tried to escape to the waiting room but she wouldn't let me.  Dr. Corcoran said I could stay and my reply was, "Yes, I know, but It's for my own sake that I should go!"  Well, she won and I stayed and held her hand during the entire process.  I watched as he struggled to pull that baby out!  The roots were so far apart and he even said to her,"This one does not want to come out!"

But she was such a trooper through it all!  By the time she went to bed, she was finally able to feel her lips again... and was able to write a nice letter to the tooth fairy:
The tooth fairy rewarded her with $4 (2 for each tooth) and a Pokemon card!  She was so excited this morning!!!!

So, there goes Tooth #9 and #10!


  1. She certainly was brave!! I'm so proud of her!!

  2. Does the tooth fairy from LA need to send more cards to the growing girl? I have to check if she has a pet and other friends that will disclose their names. :)