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Friday, November 4, 2011

Halloween Part 3 of 4 -- School Halloween Parade/Party

October 31, 2011 -- after this, only one more post and we are caught up and DONE with Halloween!!!  (phew!)

What a busy day it was today!
We started the morning with a parade of ONLY the four kindergarten classes:
Here he comes!!!!
With little brother cheering him on!!!
At one point E thought he wanted to join the parade...
But he changed his mind... so MD went off with his buddy, Gavin:
And they finished with one more lap around the kindergarten yard:
 Then they lined up to return to class:
 But not before one class photo!
Then his fourth grade buddies' class came over...
 and led the school parade!  This is his buddy, Dillon:
 Check out all the students in their amazing costumes!!!
 They just kept coming...
 and then I saw MG's teacher... she's the fisher"woman" here:
 And there she comes!
 Doesn't she look so beautiful in that dress Corinna bought her?!
 So I asked for a few posed photos...
 At the end of the parade, MD's class gathered for another picture with their big buddies:
So I zoomed in on MD, his buddy, and his teacher:
Then I left MD's class and went to see what MG was doing... eating, of course! ;)

 Here she is with classmate, Jason, and little guy:
 Her classroom was so nicely decorated!
 Back outside in the heat, she and Hannah were still eating (no food in the classroom - smart teacher!).  Doesn't Hannah make an adorable kitty kat???
 When she finished stuffing herself with delicious cookies and popcorn.. she went in to do some crafts:
 Of course, he jumped right in and went to work!  :)
A few more projects:
Afterwards I left her and went to get MD -- Kindergarteners always need to be picked up by a parent.  I like that rule!  So I grabbed his teacher.. and look, they match!
 After school we rushed off to swim lessons!!!  (yes, today was the first day of the new session!)
 And they had so much fun!

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  1. The parade kinda reminds me of our lantern parade minus the costumes!! They all look so cute and happy! Isn't it awesome that you've captured all this?? They will have such fond memories of their childhood in years to come. Great job, S!