Half Moon Bay, California November 2012

Monday, May 2, 2011

Our weekend

went by very quickly -- too quickly!

We arrived early to Alex's party and started to "look busy"... Uyen even gave us aprons to make it more official.  We didn't do much really.  Poor Ed was running around cooking and prepping food while Uyen ran around taking care of the children and guests!  (MG took this took, hence the angle!)
Alex celebrated his 8th birthday... and I finally finished his shirt:

Baby sister, Emily, celebrated her one month... and after staying up a bit later than I expected... she finally received her baby quilt!

And a bonus shirt!!!  (That is where we all met.  Vince and Ed were roommates.  Uyen and I were sort of roommates - long story short, she moved in and took my place when I graduated and left the apartment.  To this day, I just say she and I were roommates - we should have been!).  It turned out so cute.. I may be making more for the family!  :)

 I loved how it came out!

Sunday found us out and about...we tried out a new kabob place, then went for a scooter ride at Alum Rock Park  and then back home for dinner  (Vince and my cousin sat smelling the BBQs burning at the park and began discussing dinner... guess what they wanted?)
Yep... BBQ -- park inspiration!
and these trouble makers were finally able to enjoy some water play!  It was finally hot enough for the children to play with their water squirters!  FUN!
 Funny story... they were squirting each other, right? So I suggested they squirt the trees (kill 2 birds with 1 stone kind of a deal)... and so they turned toward the trees and started squirting.  Then all of a sudden the neighbors in the back (whom we don't know) began squirting water back!  We all started laughing along with the person squirting us from the other side!  It was fun until we heard a booming adult voice yelling at the person squirting us!  Oooops!  Guess he wasn't supposed to be turning the hose on us!  (A HOSE!!! LOL)  Well, not wanting the person to get in trouble, I yelled, "Sorry we started it!"  Then the dad (?) said it was okay and was laughing at us.  But he did remind the child (who was quiet this entire time!) to not play with the hose. LOL!
 Funny... Oh well. it was fun while it lasted!
A great weekend....
What do you have planned for Mother's Day weekend?!

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  1. I LOOOOVE how the shirts and the onesie turned out! I need to try that.

    The BBQ looked so yummy. Look at all that on the grill! we're going to my parents' house for mother's day for bbq as well. Maybe I'll request fish...mmmmmm.