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Thursday, May 5, 2011

MD wielding a blow torch???!

Yes, it's true... today they used a blow torch!
First they made meringue!  They separated the egg white from the egg yolk...
Then mixed it up with sugar (12 table spoons!)...
 Look at that!
 Then they were given a graham cracker with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.  One was the control -- no meringue protection, the other was to be covered up with the meringue they just made (like an igloo, the assistant called it):
 Time for that blow torch I was talking about...  (insert nervous mommy here!).  They were to "burn" the meringue that covered the ice cream... and then they were to burn the ice cream itself.  They all did very well sharing the torch... disclaimer--  no child was harm during this activity!  They watched to see what had happened to the ice cream with the meringue coverage and what happened to the other with out coverage.
So the ice cream without protection melted very rapidly!  However, the scoop with the meringue coverage stayed the same!  Pretty cool, huh???  Made me think of some desserts I should make using ice cream, meringue and a blow torch!
After class we met up with some old friends... been so long since we all had a play date together.  And the boys were excited to use their new lunch boxes!  We are trying our best to purchase items that can be reused and will last awhile! SO far so good!
 He was tired even before he ate his lunch (pictured above).
 MD loved his sandwich... he built his own!
Our friends are silly!

But so are we!!!

We had a great afternoon!!!  We are looking forward to more summer play dates.. the weather is getting pretty hot around here!  Supposedly, today was in the 90s!

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  1. Looks like a fun afternoon! MD did a great job with his lunch.

    Happy Friday, S!