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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Hawaiian Fun Run Day

MG's school had quite a day planned out for the children:
A Fun Run -- this event was to replace what once was the "Jog-A-Thon" fundraiser.  This year, rather than taking part in various fundraisers through out the year, parents agreed to donate  "one check"  for each child attending the school (we can talk about the amount later... I was not a happy camper and only contributed what I felt I "could" attribute given the fact that we just lost our home and I am unemployed!).  Anyway, this was to replace the fundraiser... so they called it a "Fun Run."  And that's what they did for an hour!
 They were very tired afterwards!  (Lyra, Hannah, MG, Alexandria, and Brooklyn)
 Hannah, Alexandria, Brooklyn, MG, Ms. Dini, Jeremiah, Jason, and Lyra:
 Most of the class... some were still out there running!
 Getting ready to gather for lunch:
 Our blanket!
 Tug of War -- her class lost to another 2nd grade class!
 Oh well... they didn't seem too disappointed!
 The teachers (and any parents they could recruit!) had a battle with the winning class:
 I'm sorry to say the teachers and parents lost!!!!
 MG went off with her friends to play tether ball:
 She's still learning... so she's not very aggressive... yet!  You should see some of those children play!  Wow, step away!  They are really good!

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  1. Looks like a fun day for everyone. The kids look so happy! Love the colorful luau on the kids.

    Happy Sunday, S!