Half Moon Bay, California November 2012

Thursday, May 19, 2011


Did the title of the post help?
How about this?  Would it help to start with this picture?

Yes, Harry Potter is the reason why the following pictures were taken.  I was making dinner.The 3 were playing very nicely... until I heard a door shut and MD chanting these words, "alohamora!"  In Harry Potter terms... this word is used to open locked doors!  Yes, my friends, he is really into Harry Potter right now!  So into it that he thinks he can conjure up some spells of his own.  So he had to test it out, right?  He ran to my room, locked th door, and slammed it shut!  Well, it was all fine and dandy.. until we realized that we do not have th key to the door.  I checked all the spare keys... none would fit!  When Vince came home, we tried a few more tricks... Google friends, I know your advice to others may have helped them - but it didn't help us!  A credit card would not slide in.  A screw driver would not work.  A paper clip did not either - it kept bending too far back!  So we did what we had to do - I needed to eventually sleep... Right then... here we go!  We hammered the handle off!!!!

 E had to help, of course!
It was a strong lock!  Took us some time to bang th life out of it!  It put up a good fight!  :)

But it eventually came off... Crazy kid!  What will he conjure up next?!  He wanted to take broom flying lessons.  I had to "remind" him that Harry Potter is not real and he could not learnt to fly a broom stick!  AGH!!!

V, I am so sorry your door handle fell off your door... but I'm sure you have a better reason than me, right?!


  1. Oh my!! Keep an eye on your broom! You never know what kids are capable of especially one so smart and curious as E!

    LOL about the door! Ughhhhhh!!! Kids!!!

  2. Wow, boys will be boys. I remember having to tear apart a metal screen door because Nathan had managed to lock the rest of us out in the garage. He was 2 then...and didn't know how to unlock the door.