Half Moon Bay, California November 2012

Monday, January 2, 2012

Another Merry Christmas!

A few days after Christmas we spent some time with our friends, Jenna and her mom, Lisa.  Remember we volunteered with them a few weeks before organizing Christmas gifts for less fortunate children during the holiday season?  Here's a picture from that night:

 I'm so happy that Lisa was able to get us a spot to volunteer.  It's a great experience for the girls to help other children in need.  And a great way for them to learn to work together to get a goal accomplished in a short period of time.  I hope we can continue to do this for many years!

But here we were on the 27th of December.  We met them at our favorite jumpy house - SilverCreek Sportsplex.
 This is one of their favorite slides -- It is pretty steep!!!
 But they love it!
 Even little one has no fear of it -- he goes up and jumps down like a big boy!
 Exhausted from jumping around for  hours, we went home, hopped in the shower and cleaned up... Then headed to Uncle Jim and Auntie Clare's house (our second home, really) for another Christmas celebration.  Auntie Clare insisted we opened gifts first before dinner... as the meat was still on the grill cooking!
 They were happy to receive a soccer ball and goal net -- it will be fun to play soccer in the front yard!
 Auntie Clare bought me a pair of house slippers -- but MG liked them! :)
 Corinna bought us a few guide cards (one for mushrooms and one for edible wild plants).  If you knew my husband, you know that he likes to just pick things up and eat them when we go on hikes... I'm hoping this will help us help him! ;)
 This was out big surprise for Corinna.  She has been wanting a new camera and we know that she will not buy one for herself -- so we took the liberty of buying it for her!  She truly deserves it and we hope she will take many pictures on her trip to Florida soon!
 Even our friend and neighbor, Pat, from across the street came to help us celebrate.
 Corinna bought the children new gloves... err, mittens... they were kind of both!  Pretty creative I tell ya!
 MD loved the guides and started reading them right away!
 E trying on his gloves/mittens... um, hand warmers!  ;)
 And more Legos!!!!  SCORE!!!!!
 Everyone getting's hungry....
 I found these and snuck a few! ;)
 And dinner is served!!!!
 Let the feast begin!
 Beef roast (cooked on the grill), mashed potatoes, sweet potato casserole, peas, cold slaw, and Yorkshire pudding (that didn't turn out so well, but we enjoyed them regardless!):
 After dinner we HAD to walk around... to help our food digest and make room for dessert!
 The street is always so beautifully lit:

 This is our favorite house.  MG's classmates from last year...  Their house is always the center of the street's attention.
 And the bonus was this train that is operational!  They all had a turn and had a BLAST!!!!
Dessert was marvelous... so good that there were NO pictures! ;)

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  1. Wish we were there to join in the celebrations! Everyone looks so happy in the pics. Lovely photos as always, S!