Half Moon Bay, California November 2012

Thursday, January 12, 2012


Just keeping it simple....

After dropping off MG at school, the boys and I went on a short bike trail.  MD rode his bike, while I pushed E in the stroller.  MD rode in front and led the way -- he was awesome!  We were on the trail for about an hour.  Then it was park time (it's Thursday, you know...).

MD makes me nervous when he does this!!!
 Then MD went off to school and E and I went to storytime with Ms. Karen:
 Then home for lunch... no, we didn't have dinosaurs for lunch -- but the dinosaurs entertained E while I made lunch!
 ROARRRRRRR!!!!!  (Do you like his 3 headed dinosaur?!  Just ignore the other 2 bodies... they are not supposed to be there! hahaha)
 Sneaking up on the dinosaur... the 3 headed one is a mean one -- and there is a dinosaur hiding... he has wings!  (all this created after I showed him a short Godzilla YouTube clip!)
Tomorrow is Friday -- WooHoo!!!!!

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