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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Easter Eggs with Aunt Clare

With Easter around the corner, Clare got out her supplies, boiled a few dozen eggs.. and they were off!
Getting the colors sorted:
 The first dip!

 He did very well!
 It was difficult to wait, but they all were patient:
 Getting excited here!
 I was nervous he would break one by accident... I am happy to report that he had a blast and no eggs were harmed during this activity!  :)
 They began to get creative here... they starting mixing colors!

 Everyone was very excited to see how the colors would mix and what the eggs would look like:
 While photographing I got a bit side tracked.... and saw these pictures E drew for Jim and Clare. It put a smile on my face:
 And look at all the vibrant colors!!!!
Easter Sunday is going to be so much fun!!!!

After learning the basic techniques of dying eggs, MG and I did a few of our own creative works using ideas from here. (for this particular project, I blew out the insides... my cheeks hurt and we're having scrambled eggs for breakfast!)

 This is a special one for Ms. Dini:

 MG's treats are ready to go to school tomorrow.
Ms. Dini's basket:
 Her class basket:
When we have more time tomorrow, I would love to do this and this.

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