Half Moon Bay, California November 2012

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!!!!

It is starting out to be the best day ever....
I mean... look at their faces!

 And the hunt was on... while still in their PJs!

 Check out the loot!  Pretty good huh?  Some had chocolate candies, jelly beans, but the best ones had quarters and half dollar coins!  Score!!!!
Happy Easter... we are off to Corinna and Dave's.. for yet another hunt this afternoon!  More photos to come...

It was a nice day to celebrate with friends.  After arriving at Corinna's house and setting up for lunch, we started the egg hunt.
They were very excited!
 And then they were off!
 His first find -- he was so excited!!!!
 Checking out the "competition" while finding eggs:
 It was all a blur for everyone...
 Eggs everywhere and adults taking pictures in every corner -- that's Vince with his camera!
 This basket full makes up for any missed eggs the day before!  She was quite the speedy one this morning!  (Maybe a little too speedy...  We had a talk about sharing the enjoyment with others.  I'm hoping next year will be a bit more "fair.")
 He had a blast!
 He was anxious to dig into the treats!
Thank you Corinna for hosting such a wonderful event for us all -- the children had a wonderful time!

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