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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

"I'm a big boy"

E tells me this a lot... because I often call him, "baby."  Not to say he is a baby, but it's my term of endearment to him.  Actually, I call all 3 my babies... because I'm not truly ready for them to grow up!  :)
Anyway, he often reminds me that he is a bog boy.  "I do it by my own self, Mommy."  He says this and proceeds to push the dining chair around the kitchen and gets what he needs, with my watchful eye not too far away.
Tonight, we brushed our teeth together.  He brushed his and I brushed mine.  In the middle of brushing he stated he had to pee.  "Okay," I said.  So he went to the toilet and said to me, "I'm going to pee like a big boy, Mommy."  "Okay," I say.  So I brush and watch him from the corner of my eye - so as to not give him stage fright.  Not sure if he has that issue, but thought I'd give him some privacy.  I watched him go to the toilet, lift up the seat, pull his pants down, and adjust the necessary part... and then he peed.  So far so good... although I was kind of nervous that he didn't hold up his shirt (the bottom part).  I guess you can't hold necessary part if you have to hold up bottom of shirt, right?  I'm not entirely sure...  Not really something I've had to do!  So he did his thing - almost sprayed out, but didn't!  (thank goodness!!!)  Then when he was done, he did the most amazing thing!  (sigh... proud mommy moment here)  After he pulled up his pants, he took some toilet paper and wiped the rim of the toilet!  Ha!!!!  I guess my actions do rub off on him!  I don't think I've seen MD do that in a long time... so it must be because he's seen me do it when I help him sometimes pee the big boy way!  He did really well in wiping around the rim and then he threw the toilet paper in the toilet.  What a big boy he is, right?!
I may now go to sleep and have a restful night.  And continue to hope for another dry night...  Although he is in underwear during the day, he recently decided he was ready to try underwear at night again.  It's been an on again off again thing for the last 3 months.  All fingers are crossed...  So far so good!
Sweet dreams E...

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  1. E did good!! I'm so proud of him. The credit goes to you,S! You're a great mom.

    Have a nice day!