Half Moon Bay, California November 2012

Friday, April 8, 2011

Just when I thought...

the sun was going to stick around for awhile and summer was just around the corner... this happens!
It is 12:12 AM now as I type this, I am just about to go to bed... BUT about 5 minutes ago, the rain came pouring down!  It was really loud!  So loud that Vince got out of bed (gasp! he never does that!) and opened the front door.  "Take a look at this," he said... People, can you see white "spots" falling?
 Um... it was hailing!!!!!
 That's my car...
 And our front porch!  Can you believe it?!
I tasted it... cold!  Okay... that's the big news here.  Hope the sun pops back out tomorrow.  (Need to go choose a different (warmer) outfit for the children to wear tomorrow!)  It was windy today.  A bit blustery.  I think that's something Winnie the Pooh would say.  

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  1. I've tasted hail stones too! That's the closest we'll ever get to snow in Malaysia. I think it hailed less than 3 times here in my 49 years of life!!

    Have a wonderful weekend, S!