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Thursday, April 21, 2011


We've been quiet... on the blog.  But we've been busy in real life!  Where do I begin?  My last post was April 13, so let's see where that leaves us...  Somewhere around Morgan's Spring break week!  That's why we have been busy!

April 14, 2011
MD popped a variety of corn kernel in his science class -- it was a "blast!"  (as everyone was given popcorn to sample!)  There they go again -- using a heating gun... with me very close by this time to ensure no skin came into contact! (yikes!)
At home (that very afternoon), I discovered that I can roast my own almonds... and the children love eating them as a snack when we are out and about...  A bonus for me, as I found a few raw bags from Trader Joe's hanging around my drawers waiting to be consumed.  Why did I buy so many bags anyway?  Well, no need to worry about the extra bags now!  :)
 We also made these... using French Vanilla flavor.  Yummy!!!  MG wants to try strawberry flavor for Easter.. I think it is an eggscellent idea!  ;)  Safeway had cake mix on sale for $0.88 a box, so we grabbed a few different flavors to try!
 They all approved!

 He even helped me finish up the Trader Joe's DIY Sugar cookies, left over from the holidays.  They were on sale for $0.99 after Christmas, so why not?!
 And that very same day... we started the Easter treats for MG's class.  And of course, whatever she does, the boys have to do as well, right?!  Don't know whom they will hand theirs out to, but they are made and ready to go!
 We grabbed the idea from here:

 Cute, aren't they?!  MG filled all the girls' eggs with stamp rings and the boys' eggs with spiny tops.  We are opting out of  candy favors this time around.

April 15, 2011
We meet Lisa and Jenna for a trip to Gilroy Gardens... where we are now members for the season!  For the price of 2 visits, we could have a season pass, so it seemed a no brainer to buy the pass!
This was by far their favorite ride... they went in and out of line 3 or 4 times, as soon as we arrived!  Since we were early, we did this ride first, as Lisa suggested it will get crowded later (and she was right!).

 These two had so much fun together!
 The artichoke ride:
 He rode with me (even though he preferred to ride with the others):
 This was a pedal  boat ride.. and we were so nervous to let the girls go alone.  But they proved themselves to be quite independent!  They pedaled out by themselves and made it back to the dock without any issues!  We thought that they would have problems pedaling on their own!  (I am so glad we were wrong!)
 He rode with me.. and I was having problems pedaling!  I kept bumping into things!
 MD went with Lisa and had fun!
 This was the Rainbow Garden ride where we saw a variety of topiaries while sitting....
 It was a calming ride....
 The carousel is always a favorite for him:
 Aren't they cute?!
 He discovered this ride that spins while the ride itself is spinning -- like the cup and saucer at Disneyland!  Well, he went twice by himself and then later went again with MG and Jenna.  Guess what?  He spun so much  that he made the girls sick!  They will not go on that ride for awhile!  (and maybe they will avoid going in with him too!)
 He stuck to a calmer ride... the Goldfish!
 And lastly, we visited the falls -- where MD ran through the falls so often he was wet!  (are you surprised?!  hahaha!)
April 16, 2011
 The next morning, we packed up our stuff and headed out to Downtown San Jose to join The Children's Faire.
They made many different crafts:

 Sat down for a story at the public library booth:
 And made their own play dough:
 This booth was a big hit (and as you can see, Jenna joined us too!)
 They also learned about DNA from the very same science program that MD takes every Wednesday.  MG was so excited when she saw MD's teacher teaching at this booth:
 Then they made "faux tie dye bandanas" using the Sharpie markers and alcohol trick we learned a few years ago -- this method is called chromatology... I think... can't remember exactly now.

After about 5 hours here... we went to visit Vince's family.  MG and I only stayed a few hours.  We had a party to attend:
Olivia's 8th birthday party at Golfland!  MG has never been so she was very excited!  The gang!  Can you spot MG?
 Doesn't she look like she belongs on the course?
 Cute as can be these two buddies!  (Yes, Jenna was there with her again.  Jenna, Olivia and MG have been friends since Kindergarten.)
 She's got the position down!  :)
We arrived home late.. and the boys met us at home about the same time.  All 3 slept very well that evening!

April 17, 2011
The next day, we FINALLY went to visit Baby Emily Yeh!  Yay!!!!
This is big brother, Ryan (who recently turned 3).  He is eating a home grown carrot!  It was so sweet and delicious!
 E, of course, loved it!
 Here's Emily Grace with MG:
 MD and James... discussing Pokemon characters, what else?!  the children also went outside and rode their bikes/scooters.  Vince took pictures....which I do not have access to right now.  Those pictures will come later, sorry!
 After lunch we went back to Vince's mom's for dinner and a celebration - his mom's birthday was a few days ago!

That ends the week of Spring break...phew!!!

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  1. Wow what a busy week! The cookies look yummy and the bunnies look cute, especially the one nibbling the carrots!