Half Moon Bay, California November 2012

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


We gathered flowers from the garden to give to the secretaries at MG's school.  (It's administrative assistant day.)  Aren't my mom's roses beautiful?  For the "vases" I used some recycled coffee cans, wrapped them up in some fabric, tied a bow, and hot glued a note from MG on the back.  MG also spent some time in the morning folding paper cranes for each of the ladies.  They were happy to receive this bouquet today.
 After dropping off MG, the boys and I went to Happy Hollow.  It was nice to visit again after a long absence - after all, we are members! I did not take any pictures... until we were about to leave and they wanted to feed the goats.  Well, maybe he just wanted to touch his ears!
 He wanted to feed the goats and did just that!  He followed any goat that would let him...  Too cute!  And just so you know, I am too cheap to actually "buy" the food.  So, guess what my little one discovered?  He watched a child one time pick up food from the ground that was dropped from the machine.. so he now does that!  He never asks me for money to buy food.  He walks over to the machine, bends down and starts collecting as many pellets as his little hands will hold.  Then he runs after any goat that will pay any attention to him.  Today some of the children were chasing the goats with wet brushes, hoping to brush their hair... but the goats were not amused!  (Don't know who that girl is.  E didn't mind that he had to share his goat though.)

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  1. The roses are beautiful!! You have a smart son!

    Happy Friday, S!