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Friday, April 29, 2011

Baking and Wildlife

The two could go together... but not really!
Today in science MD did some baking... no rules really just pure mess and fun -- that just about describes MD's dream!!
Getting the ingredients:  his group put everything in their mixture except for fat (lard) and spices (so no sugar, vanilla, etc.) -- what kind of muffin/cookie is that?! lol

 put into pan -- yes, all by themselves.  We moms were able to just stand and watch this time -- fun!  :)
 Mr. Mac came to give a hand when their mixture seemed a bit "dry" -- then the muffins were put into the oven....
 While they waited they taste the various ingredients that went into their batter:
 Hey, E, try this:
 Ewwww.... he didn't like the baking soda!
 Now that all the groups are finished and the muffins were baked - let's try out the baked goods -- one group put every ingredient in except for flour and oats, another put everything in except for sugar, another everything except for eggs....
 time for the taste test:
 Big brother always willing to share...  (sigh....)
 The winning group was the group that put everything in except for eggs -- I imagined myself in that winning line too.  No sugar, butter, or spices... I couldn't eat any baked goods without those fine ingredients!  That's just me...

Then we went home, I worked on my video editing, they took out every toy they owned (not really, but it sure seemed that way when we had 5 minutes to throw everything back in its place so we could leave the house!) and we picked up MG from her art class.  She loves that class and her teacher is the sweetest young lady!  We then zipped over to the Los Gatos library to learn about wildlife!  Yes, we met some wild animals that should technically be in the wild... but through no fault of their own, they have ended up in a rescue center where they are taken from place to place to educate children on preserving our natural habitats so that they can live peacefully with us.
How cute is this porcupine?!
 Here they are watching from afar:
 An owl.. what kind again?  Sorry, I've forgotten!  How much do you think it weighs?  (it's barely 1/2 a pound!  I know!  crazy, huh?  it's bones are hollow!)
 a monkey... rescued from a drug raid - how sad!
 a black throated lizard... his claws were HUGE and sharp!  Thank goodness we were in the back!  (yikes!)
 a baby crocodile
 an opposum
 a corn snake... because it eats corns?  NO!  Because he lives in the cornfield eating the mice who eats the corn!
 Ewww....  can you see the wheels turning?!
 Then it was time to touch....
 no fear guy...
 um, I mean guys!  :)
 This is my baby fix... her name is Marie and she is as cute as a button!  She is the daughter of my friend, Martina, they are from Austria.  They are going to stay in Los Gatos until next Spring.. then they go back...  :(

It was such a fun event for the children - and myself!  

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