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Saturday, April 9, 2011

A gift for Emily

We are going to visit Baby Emily pretty soon... so I began making her freeze paper onesies.  I had so much fun picking out the logos!  And since she is the first girl in this family.. I wanted to do a girly theme - princess, dragonflies (my favorite), and yummy cupcakes... because I'm sure I'll want to eat her up when I see her!

I traced, cut out, and ironed on the freezer paper logos:
 MG and I bought this last year and now I can finally try it out!  Glitter... can't get more girly!!!  (the white bottle is a special glue you apply on before sprinkling the glitter).
 This one is the glitter experiment:
 This one is an actual glittery fabric paint:
 And this last one is just plain paint:  (but I have to admit this is my favorite!)
 And the end results:
I thought this princess crown turned out really cute.
 Although I like the dragonfly, I'm not sure the work was worth the outcome... The crown above turned out cute and I didn't have to fuss with special glue and getting glitter everywhere!  (Just my opinion....)
 This turned out super cute and I think I'm going to go back to plain, regular fabric paint!  :)
I am so excited to see Emily!!!!!  Pictures to follow afterwards, of course!  

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