Half Moon Bay, California November 2012

Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Belated (very belated) Birthday Ryan!

I'm "usually" pretty good with getting gifts out on time... really, I am!  But lately, I've been a bit behind... lack of sleep, lack of motivation, lack of energy... whatever my excuses... i need to get back on track!  My poor nephew's birthday was back in February...Almost 3 months later, I have his gift ready...  It's going to be dropped off at the post office tomorrow morning!
Ryan, you won't be reading this (thank goodness!)... but here you go, Buddy!  Happy belated (very belated) 3rd birthday!

 I think you are "super"!!!!
I made big brother, Peter, a shirt too... but I had to make some adjustments when Vince and I looked at the picture and saw an alien in it... you just have to believe me on this one.
Do you know the character Latios from Pokemon?  I did not until Peter requested that character for his shirt...  So, here he is (sans alien):
I love making these freezer paper shirts!  Thanks Amanda Soule for starting my addiction!  You can find directions in her book although there are so many other tutorials out on the internet too!

Friday, April 22, 2011
While MG and her class went on a field trip to the Campbell Historical Museum, the boys and I went to Gilroy Gardens.
He went on this very dizzy ride all by himself!  (and had a blast!)
 This is on the rainbow Gardens ride.  It's like "It's a Small World" in Disneyland but way smaller scale!  We floated down a small river....
 saw some beautiful flowers and and topiaries  (yup, that's him - never a "normal" smile!),
 This was their favorite - a bear topiary bending down to get a drink of water.  When the ride goes by you hear the sound of a bear growling but not in a mean aggressive way, just a frustrated way.  He's almost asking for help to get a drink of water!  LOL
 After that ride, they wanted a snack - which eventually turned into lunch...
 Then it was back to the rides!  MD is driving us here in an old fashion car.
 Now E is driving MD and me.  We are sitting in the back seat.
 MD approves of E's driving skills!
 Oh -- BIG news -- MD has a loose tooth!!!  All from taking a VERY hard bite out of his corn on the cob!  Yep, that's the story...  He doesn't wriggle it too often though - which is good.  I'm not ready for him to have one less tooth right now.  He's growing up waaay too quickly!
 Before going home, E discovered this ride.  Although he planned on taking a green car, it was already taken by another child by the time he got in... so he settled for the red #1 car...
 After the first ride was over, he asked to go again.. and this time the green car was finally available!!!!  He loves green!
Great day at Gilroy Gardens!

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