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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Science Camp Day 3 and 4

On day 3 I walked in a bit late to take lots of photos, so I grabbed what I could... but the following 2 photos cannot tell you a story.  This is MG just after she shot a cork up toward the ceiling and helping a fellow classmate pick up  his cork before looking for her own.
 They had fun but couldn't tell me what they made... something that shot up a cork to the ceiling and back.  AND a noisemaker too!  Yup - banned from the car! ;)
 Day 4 (today) I tried to arrive earlier... and this is what I found them doing...
Not sure what but they all had some small containers then they walked over to the instructor... and he gave them ice and yes... the good stuff!
 They experimented and made lots of observations...
 And discussed about nitrogen and how cool it was...
I love that they always wear goggles!   I love that these two always pick each other as partners!  I love that MG keeps an eye on MD. When they were called back to sit she looked around and he wasn't in the room.  So she quickly went to get him.  He was in the other room... trying to sneak over his cup of dry ice... but was informed he couldn't take it home anyway.  His sad face returned and sat next to his sister.

No worries - all was forgotten when we went to Becky's to swim and had pizza for dinner!  :)
Tomorrow is the end of their first session.  Tuesday begins their next session -- they are going to love it!  It's about magic!!!!

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