Half Moon Bay, California November 2012

Monday, June 6, 2011

Daddy's visit

Daddy made it to swim lessons today!!!!
Look at him showing off!  He even used his arms to do the back stroke with teacher Miss Courtney holding on.  We are so proud of his progress and his teacher is too.  She often says that he seems so mature for his age... hmmmm, i often wonder if she is talking about MY child! ;)  He is so happy with her and looks forward to lessons because of her.  He is also more comfortable jumping into the deep end of the pool now!
 They swam  laps as warm up and dad was very impressed! (I know that I cannot swim the entire length of the pool!) They were very proud to show off for Dad's sake and dad had to approach to show his approval.
 See MG on her back?  That's MD under water!  They were taking a break from swimming.
 And there they go -- just kicking off!  Hmm... not sure where MD was going!
After dinner they all had a nice game of chess...
They were so happy to have Daddy at swim lessons today -- so a lot of showing off was done.  :)

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