Half Moon Bay, California November 2012

Saturday, June 18, 2011

A wonderful weekend

My cousin graduated from UCSD on June 12, 2011 so we drove down south for a few days...

This is what we did leading up to attending his graduation!
Our first visit to my Uncle's donut shop in Poway - San Diego:

 The children apparently felt they could make themselves at home... went right on in and straight to the back and placed their orders!
 And came back out with quite an order! Chocolate milk and a donut with sprinkles!
 more sprinkles....
 and oohhh a chocolate glazed one!
 After a wonderful breakfast... we headed over here:
saw lots of amazing things! (and Uncle came too!)
Check out tat beauty of a plane!  (and the adorable children in front of it!)
He would make a cute pilot... one criteria down.  Now he just needs to read the directions! We'll get working on the reading part...  Does it help that he can already read, "STOP?" (hahaha)
He may just turn the plane upside down!  (because he wants to not by pure accident!)
Check out all the controls and buttons... gave me quite a headache!
They took turns being the pilot and co-pilot:
Oh, my there he goes with the buttons again!  (hang on, E!)
They needed a bigger plane to control...  ;)
The best part was going down below and exploring the various cabins:
Hey... a typewriter!  Of course, I had to explain what that was...
"Mayday, mayday... I am having a bad hair day!"
"Let's go right!!"
The kitchen... he's not real... but I had a hard time remembering that...
when I saw him...
and them!
A real microscope that worked!!!
Xray room
More typewrites! ;)
Oh, I remember when we had one f these phones!  It took for.ever to call anywhere!
The dentist's office:
Hello Mr. Dentist, who is not real, but looks SO real!
MD always makes himself at home no matter where he goes!
Monkey see, monkey do is what we call this little man!
Back outside on the upper most deck -- it was a beautiful day!
Checking out the HUGE landing area!
My cutie pie
He found a friend!
Aren't they the cutest???
I see mischief in his eyes...even from a distance!
photo opp
We thought this was kind of a neat photo... can you spot our 3?
He was fascinated by the teeth!
Off he goes in!
I thought this was kind of cool - letting visitors check out the plane's interior.
So we checked them all out!  (E and I had to keep busy for 40 minutes while the others went on a tour of another part of the ship that E was not "tall" enough to do).
He's too cute for words sometimes!  (sometimes!)

A plane all to himself!!!!
Can you tell he's happy about it?
After we left the USS Midway, we made a short stop...
Best part ev.er!!!
We didn't really plan on visiting the beach...
(seaweed anyone?)
Hence, the worried look on my face when they all decided to go right on in and get wet!
Even SHE went in.. girly girl who rarely gets wet and dirty!
And you can see MD in the background immersing himself... I found sand in ALL his pockets!
Well, he stayed dry for a few minutes!
But then he accidentally fell in when he tripped... but he was fine!
We had a great Saturday!!!!
On Sunday we woke up and did a bit of this...
 Then all 3 made Uncle a card:
 This is E's - he wrote most of the letters himself!  (He wrote happy all by himself with my verbal directions!  pretty good, huh?!)
 Then we had an amazing Mexican breakfast buffet in Old Town.  She loved that chicken:
 I enjoyed my bowl of Menudo!  (Still thinking about it)
 And this guy here was providing the music that E loved dancing to:
 Then we went to the graduation (and got there late!)  That's my Uncle with the children:
 She's so funny.  I made her that headband.  When I asked her to out on her hat, she took off the headband and put it on her hat!  Very creative!
 He's something else...
 And he's just him!  ;)
 Speeches... speeches... and more speeches!
 Then it was all over!!!  My cousin and his dad:
 MG giving Sochetr his flower lei...
 Hugs all around!!!!

 Family photo:
 Then it was to the park for us. The children needed some time to run around so we went to Balboa Park.
 They played for about 2 hours!
 It was non-stop exploring since they had never been to this park before.
 So much fun!!!!
 Crazy thing....
 made them all dizzy but they LOVED it!

And that was our trip to San Diego!!!!  It was too quick, but such a needed break for Vince and I.  Wedding season is in full swing.  Late nights editing.  Long days working.  Lots of weddings to edit... all waiting for us to find time!

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