Half Moon Bay, California November 2012

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A celebration of all sorts!

We began Sunday celebrating Allyson's 3rd birthday.  Ally and E are becoming such great friends.  He talks about her a lot and loves playing with her.  She is growing so quickly!

Then we headed to Jim and Clare's house for dinner.  We began with a yummy wurst meal with the works - real sauerkraut made by Clare... not like the kind I buy in a jar from the grocery store! ;)  The children were content with hot dogs.  But MD discovered my Louisiana Hot Links and I had to share!  (Dang it that boy, how comes he likes spicy food?!  Oh, right.. he's MY boy! ;))
 Never ask them to smile for the camera...  :0  (cheers, Rita!)
 Hello there Jim (back to the camera), Dave (in baseball cap - he's hubby to Corinna), Corinna (such a sweet sweet woman and daughter to sweet, sweet Clare), and Clare (my adopted mother, thanks for sharing her, Corinna):
 So the children were busy checking out these bees that are hactching out of their honeycombs!!!
 They helped pick them out of the honeycombs (or scooped them after they hatched out of the honeycombs) and placed them in that jar (in John's hand) and then Jim (John's dad, not pictured here), the bee whisperer, took them to put in their permanent home/hive in the backyard.
 After dinner we went for a quick walk (it was a wonderful but heavy meal!).  After the walk, the children wanted to scooter -- so the adults joined in!  Look at how comfortable Jim looks!
 And he was off and quick as ever trying to show off to everyone watching!
 There they go!
 Here's John next to E:
 Even Rita gave it a go!
 She did really well!  :)
 After the scooter excitement, we gathered for desserts:
 But Corinna and the children stepped in for a few presentations...
 of lovely gifts for everyone...
 There were so many celebrations to celebrate!
 Jim's birthday and Father's Day:
 Corinna for being a sweet, sweet, person who does an amazing job selecting personal gifts for everyone! In addition to being Jim and Clare's wedding anniversary this month.  It was also Rita's, John's, AND Jim's birthday this month!
Rita was happy with her gift from us:
A pendant with her grandchildren's names:
 Then the evening ended with coffee and tea...phew!
 And some fashion advice from E... apparently Daddy needs a face lift!
 Oh, Lucky John, he needed some help as well!  All face lifts apparently comes with a quick and free belly button show! :0
What a great day!!!!

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  1. Jim and Clare sound like wonderful peeps! And very sporting too!

    You have the nicest friends, S!